The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 17

Neth 25th, 4707

The party starts in the lab discussing its contents.  The party continues down the less trodden path to enter combat with some pit warden of sorts.  After defeating the Warden, the party begins to ask questions of his captives.  They find out that all but one were abducted in some fashion, but one was actually convinced to come by what we assume to be the necromancer to do some experiments.  Vidar keys his questions to the guy getting little.  The party assists the prisoners back to the Alchemy room and assists them to fortifying it then they make their way back to the tunnels where the come across a very macabra surgeons room where there appears to be a strange amalgamation of a humanoid build of many parts.  The part moves south to find a library of sorts containing a lot of books on necromancy and golem creation.  Volka presses down to the alchemy room through a secret passage and then the party moves north to what is a bedroom containing another Derro and some sort of slow, jerky moving humanoid.  There they encounter a skeleton, zombie, and some sort of necromancer derro.  As combat continues The Derro moves to flee and the party chases back into the strange surgeon room.  The battle continues with the little wizard into the library room as he continued to flee and cast on the party.  Finally with a deft grapple from Volka, Straxus was able to non-lethally subdue the Derro.


makotoichijoji makotoichijoji

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