The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 12
Neth 24rd, 4707

The party begins at the gates of the Citadel.  Straxus relays his conversation with Vancarlo.  (See Forum RP)   Vidar hangs back as they make their way to the address given by cressida.  He asks of Portia’s spells.  Portia explains her skills and asks of his.  As they make their way to Moon street the riots are in full swing with obvious supporters of the king to one side, and to the other the queen's supporters.

Conflict is making the creatures of Korvosa agitated!!!

The party makes their way to the address and that there are many ladders and fire escapes to make their way to the top.  Straxus makes his way to the top of the building and then the party realize that nobody knows what Triana looks like.  Vidar offers to go out to search for info on how she looks.  The first group he encounters seem to have no idea on who they are lynching either.

Portia and Volka seek her on the ground floor with no avail.  Portia makes her way up to the top to ask and they are just as unhelpful.  Straxus then yells out that he will pay 100 gold crowns to the one who gives up Trinia.

Straxus dodges past the crowd with an amazing feat of acrobatics, then running to a jump he tries to make his way to the rooftop but fails to grab hold.  Volka continues up the ladder, Portia is detained by the crowd and Vidar attempts to head her off at the pass.  As Straxus attempts to make his way up to the roof he gives chase.  An old woman jumps out from her door to yell at straxus but he roars her down and continues his chase.  Portia attempts to calm the crowd while Volka finally makes her way to the top.  Portia finally talks the girl down just before Straxus drew his bow to break her knees.  The party decides to follow the shingles back to Portia’s house, while they ask portia through the msg spell if Straxus can in fact open a portal to hell.  Straxus goes from grumpy to pissed.

To clear the way straxus convinces a large crowd that the king killer is in eel’s end.  However he is unable to bluff his way out of the mob.  So he takes them for a tour of Korvosa before dumping them outside the city.  Making his way back to Korvosa he advises them to lock the gates.  He makes his way to Volshyenek to advise Cressida they have the child.  Cressida states he is to take Sean to Amor’s for truth magic.  And then to gather Vencarlo.  They make their way to Amor’s house.

Vidar and Portia speak with the child and after a few exchanges come to find the child has an alibi.  

Volka makes her way to Eel’s End to assess damage and find that not much happened.

Sean makes his way to Amor and then Vidar and Sean cast the zone of truth.  They ask their questions again.  Trinia says that she did not kill the king in the zone of truth and that she did not know who did.  She states that she was last in the castle a week prior to the king's death.  She denies knowing if she left anything in the castle.  She denies that she took anything not related to painting.  She denies using any tools not her own.  She acknowledges leaving her items unattended.  She agrees that she built a good report with the king.  She denies having one with the queen.  She denies interacting with the queen’s guard.  She states she was escorted by the guards in and out of the castle.  She spent a few hours painting her commission over a couple of days.  She states that the Senechal commissioned the painting for the king to make him feel better.  The Chamberlain brought him his meals daily.  She does not know his name.  The king looked to be wasting away.  She never noticed that he was forced to eat.  They never shared drink.  There are signs to disease or poison but not enough to be conclusive.  

Session 10
Neth 23rd, 4707

The game begins with the players in their respective locations.  Straxus is at Portia’s house, Portia still sleeping in the early morn.  Volka remains at Eel’s End and Vael in her cell. 

The Game starts true with Volka at Eel’s End.  She did spend the evening before pouring over the Barvasi’s effects.  Volka begins to look about the ship and finds a chest.  Breaking it open he finds a great deal of items as well as some letters to Ampri from a prostitute.

Verania Tvastiox- Ampri’s Whore

The letters from Verania include very lude writings about subjects of a sexual nature. Then Volka moves to the throne and goes to sleep.  She wakes and reminds her crew that everything is to remain as before there is just a new change in management.  Everything is back to normal, minor damage to the ships closer to Eel’s End.  

We return to the Amor house where Straxus wanders aimlessly.  Vale eats very little of her breakfast offing the rest to Tommy.  Straxus offers to train Tommy if he behaves and then Vale, Portia, and Strax head off to the Citadel.  They stop off at Volka’s brother to the Dragon can relay the message.  They tell him of what took place and then offer to follow him to Eel’s end.  Harsk agrees and the four of them make their way to the Citadel.  

They make their way to the Citadel and there they meet Rossy.  They make their way to Vael’s cell and Straxus talks Rossy into letting Vale and Portia into the cell.  Vale runs in instantly hugging her mom.  Vael takes a second to glare at Straxus and Portia, then focus on Vale.  They begin to talk as Vael tries to calm Vale.  Vael asks Vale to leave so she can speak with Portia.  

Vael and Portia have a row about the legality of what took place.  It ends poorly as expected with Vael totally convinced of her innocence.  Portia and Straxus goes to see Cressida leaving Vale with Rossy to see the swords and the stables.  Cressida speaks to them about how things are.  At this time it could be “Spun” that Vael may have misinterpreted the situation.  Cressida suggests they gather what evidence they can to present to the court.

As they make there way back they are confronted by Roose, the thug that works for Volka.  He tells them that Volka wishes to speak with them.  Straxus gets very defensive and talks the man off.  Straxus advises that Vale and Portia go back to Amor house.  Straxus remains back to gather Harsk.  

Straxus, Portia, and Harsk make their way to Eel’s End.  There they speak with Volka who has found some damning evidence for Ampri.  She offers it up to gains amnesty for the murder.  She insists that she alone killed the king of spiders.  

Straxus moves to leave and Portia comes along with her.  Majenco advises them to stay that he will fetch the Field Marshal and possibly Vael.  Stating that the spiders being missing is a bad thing.  He leaves and Portia sends off a goon to fetch Volka.  

As Volka comes out they find that Harsk is ill from poison.  That's when the find that the spiders have swarmed the ship.  Volka, Strax, and Portia work to disband eel’s end and then set fire to the ship.  Cressida shows up with Vael and they agree to absolve Volka of her Crime and release Vael, saying the report will reflect that Vael is innocent and that Volka is absolved of killing the King of Spiders due to her help in gaining the info they needed on the ambassador.  They watch as the boat sinks and then Volka asks Straxus to teach Tommy a new word, Ungeg.  Straxus agrees but cuts her short when she tries to explain herself.  Straxus, sicked by the whole event returns to Portia’s home to gather his pack and then, in the night leaves off towards the forest for his training retreat.

Guards with Benefits
Me and party are able to borrow resources up to 100gp and gather info
If night is spent at citadel all hp dmg is healed
Also includes spells of healing like:
Lesser Restoration
Remove Blindness
Remove Curse CL 5
Remove Disease CL 5
As rank increases perks level up too
Church of Abadar, Pharasma and Sable company are close allies

Session 11
Neth 24rd, 4707

Straxus spends the evening running his training route.  Once finished he resigns himself to return to the Citadel to try and find some work to do.  He moves to do latrine work but is  stopped by a fellow guard due to his leave of absence.  He tries to talk them out of it but is turned down.  He resigns himself to the stables where he continues to work in silence when not observed.  

The Story moves to Volka who checks in and wishes well her brother Harsk before returning to life's underbelly.  Then volka makes her way back to Eel’s End.  Many ships have docked but Eel’s End is gone.  Roose explains that moral is down and the biggest ship is gone.  Roose explains that he thinks people will need convinced that things are fine.  Roose expresses concern for Volka’s friends.  She moves to make Roose a voice for her.  The man offers that someone should “Beat the Streets” to get the word around about Eel’s End.  She then leaves to go to the Golden Tiger.  
Roose offers to pay a few “Brats” to spread a good word on the streets. 

Returning to Straxus he meets with Vancarlo who advises that Cressida is seeking the party.  They chat about Grawl being one of his students.  Vancarlo thanks him for helping the man.  Straxus advises the horse needs reshod and then makes his way to Cressida.  Once there he makes his way in the office to meet Jay’s new character.  The man is well equipped with weapons and armor.  Tall and well built and bearded.  Obviously from the North.  Straxus and Vidar make 

Belle – Vancarlo’s Horse
Sgt. Vidar Orinsson – Jay’s New Character

their way to the Amor Residence to find that Volka is at Eel’s End and Portia is indisposed.  Vidar and Straxus make their way to Eel’s End to gather Volka.  They look and ask about for Volka finding that she is at the Golden Tiger.  Straxus gathers her and then they make their way to the Citadel.  Straxus makes a point not to speak to Volka but Vidar and Volka carry on a “Conversation”.  Then Volka and Straxus talk of what Straxus thinks about Volka’s decisions.  Straxus agree’s to become easier to deal with but explains to Volka what he thinks of the decision and what he thinks should happen.  Then they all agree to make their way to the Citadel.

As they continue to the Citadel the party finds a group of people quarrelling.  As they are the ground is beginning crack and shake slightly.  The ground explodes and the smell of sewers fills the air.  An Otyugh comes from the ground and Combat ensues.  Straxus yells at the people to run while they fight.  Combat finishes with only one civilian death.  They move the monster's corpse back into the hole and then agree to take the body of the man that died to the church of Pharasma.  Vidar cords off the area with some rope from his pack before leaving.  The party makes their way to the Citadel first.  Portia and Vidar speak of his background.  They find that Vidar comes from the land of the Linnorm Kings.  His tribe's chief died and he was there for the “?coronation?” of the new king.  

August 18th – Dave no roll dice

The party returns to the citadel.  They report that an Otyugh attacked.  Cressida announces that the king's killer was named.  Queen Ileosa announced the king's killer. The Queen is not satisfied with how the guard has handled the riots.  The Queen may be planning to disband the Sable Company.  Cressida warns of mob justice, and hellknights.  The job is to get Trinia and return her to the Citadel without getting her killed.  

Trinia – announced as the murderer of the king – Artist who painted for the king

Vidar offers that there is an escape route known as the shingles of the roofs.  He says that the group should approach the woman’s house while Strax watches the rooftops.  Vidar leaves to go to the guard’s healers at the infirmary and Straxus makes his way to the quartermaster for two quivers of arrows.  

Sean – The Cleric – Infirmary at the Citadel
Derick the Cleric – does more involved things

Vidar makes his way to the infirmary to meet Sean the Cleric.  The Cleric offers two uses of Cure Moderate Wounds.  Healing him for 23hp.  He receives a consolation pickle instead of a lollipop.  Vidar is sad.  

Portia and Volka leave the citadel and meet up with Romano in street cloths.  He states that he is under cover.  The two guards have a conversation about being undercover..

Polly – the Guard – kinda a dunce

Portia speaks to Polly about how to look less professional to be more effective. Polly asks if he can go back to the Citadel to change into his normal clothes and gets the permission.  Raymono uses a lot of words he barely understands and convinces Polly to go change and pretend they are cousins when in fact they are really cousins but don’t admit to it but this time they will.  Raymono trips on his dick for a few seconds as they talk about pretending to be a couple.  Portia slips up and explains that if Anders is divorced or dead she might think about it.  However Raymono seemed to take this serious.

Volka goes to Harsk’s and she asks how he is.  They have small talk about settling down.  

Straxus meets up with Vidar after speaking to the quartermaster.  The man commits about how Straxus is hellborn and worries about how Asmodeus is grooming Straxus for nefarious things.  Straxus rebukes him and then suggests gathering non-lethal weapons.  The man says that he would speak to Cressida.  

Session 9
Neth 22nd, 4707

Party begins at around 3pm in the field marshal’s office having just received a new task.  Portia determines that we don’t know much about either player.  So Portia attempts to recall what information she can.

Sean:     Knowledge (Nobility):    20:  
Ambassador to Cheliax with an anti-Korvosa, pro cheliax bend.  

Romano meets up with Portia.  She asks what he knows about Devargo.  He explains that he is a dangerous fellow, up in Old Korvosa.  Has 5 ships as “His little kingdom”.  It is rumored he is not a man to cross. Is known to be smart.  She asks how hard it would be to get an audience with Devargo.  Portia decides that the best option is to ask the door guard and Volka suggests flashing some cash.  Romano suggests they play up like they are a big deal to garner Devargo’s attention.  He also suggests they haunt the streets in Old Korvosa to see if they can find an in with Devargo.  Vael then suggests they go in and just ask to speak to him.  

The party decides to simple request a meeting with Devargo.  They gather Straxus and make their way to Old Korvosa.  

David:    Knowledge (Local):    26
Law is on his vessel is strict.  Failure to pay or abide find themselves without a ship or infested with spiders
Visitors face a similar fate should they cross him.
No cheating, pay debts, no harassment of staff, don’t cause trouble.

The Party makes their way to Eel’s End.  It is evening.  Several signs in different languages.
Twin Tigers: Gambling Barge.
Golden Hawk: No safter stay in Korvosa
Dragon’s Breath Corridor:  Dream the Dragon Dream
House of Clouds: Whore House.

Vael walks up to a random that asks for Bravasi.  The man seems to become very nervous.  The person is dressed as a well to do young lady.  She says no.  Vael attempts to follow the woman and Straxus follows as well.  He advises Portia to begin her search in the Twin Tigers.  The woman goes to the Twin Tiger and sits around a goblin dog fight.  Vael decides to interact with the woman again.  She attempts to bribe her.  Somehow Vael gets nailed for harassing a patron.  A Shoanti bouncer makes his way to Vael.  Things continue to devolve as Vael refuses to let it go.  Straxus bluffs about his employ successfully and the man attempts to intimidate Vael.  She turns around to intimidate him and the man offers up that Bravasi can be found on the southernmost ship.  

Roose- Bouncer at the Eel’s End.  

Straxus waves to Portia and Volka to follow as the man guides them to Barvosi.  The man becomes increasingly concerned as Volka and Portia arrive.  The man enters to speak with him and returns white faced.  The man says Barvosi requests proof and Portia tosses him a bag of 100gp.   The man comes back denying the amount.  Straxus says to give him half.  A long moment passes before the man returns and allows them entrance.  Volka pulls Vael aside about how important it is.  The party makes their way in.  Once in the room is large and looks to be a repurposed captain's room.  Men sit around the table.  A small throne like room.  FUCKING SPIDERS, everywhere.  A small pseudodragon hangs from the chandelier.  

Portia asks about Ampri.  Bavosi offers to play a game.  He motions for Portia to come closer.  He demands that Portia beg on her knees.  He offers for the party to help, but Portia denies them.  She then commences her act rolling a diplomacy: 18.  He says they are going to play a game of Knives.  She points out Straxus calling him “The closest thing to a man in the party.”  

Straxus mounts the table and and has his right hand bound to his person and a pouch to his hip.  The goal is to gather the most gold.   Vael refuses to move after being told, and Bavosi decides to deny their meeting at which point Vael lets off a color spray initiating combat.  Combat ensues and finally Vael and Volka Slay Barvosi at which point Straxus declares that Volka and Vael are under arrest.  The remaining thugs flee the boat while straxus gathers up the corpse to make his way to Volshyenek.  

While still in the boat Volka frees the pseudodragon.  She tasks it with finding tommy and teach him one last phrase.  Then explains she intends to kill herself.  The Dragon talks her down and convinces her that she must fill the void they made.  Volka takes this to mean she should take up the spider kings throne.  

As Straxus, Vael and Portia make their way to the pier, Straxus explains that it might be best if Portia leaves.  After a while Volka appears on deck and declares that she is taking the throne from Barvasi.  She denies Straxus that she be taken into justice and Straxus resigns.  He then meets the Dragon and they discuss how it may be of help to him.  

Psuedodragon: Majenko

Portia makes her way home to cat calls and what not before making it home to find tommy.  Tommy asks a few questions but easily takes the hint that portia is not in the mood.  Tommy seeks out Valentine while Portia makes her way to the Study with Anders.  She speaks with Anders about the night's events.  Ander’s attempts to help her by talking her through her emotions.

Straxus and Vael make their way to Volshyenek where straxus explains what took place and charges Vael with murder.  Vael refutes Cressida nearly has a stroke and commands that Straxus take an administrative leave and that Vael be taken to a cell.  Straxus then makes his way to the Amor residence.  En route Straxus speaks with the Dragon on Barvasi.  It is found that Barvasi might have kept notes on his various deals.  

Straxus and Portia talk of how fucked up things seem to have gotten.  Straxus is torn up over the whole thing but in the end He makes his way into portia’s house.  

Things go back to Volka.  There she intimidates the thugs into her service.  She takes over stunningly.  Demanding that taxes be paid and make herself Nithling: Queen of the Void.

Session 8
Neth 22nd, 4707

Party begins in battle in the butcher shop.  Straxus closed the distance with Vael leaving portia and Volka to go around.  After clearing the workshop, Straxus offers they should secure the men then downed.  He offers they secure them to the meat hooks.  They look about the rest of the first floor only to find animal pens.  Then they begin to make their way up the stairs.  There Portia knocks on a door and says a few things.  The party then talks Vancaskerkin down and he surrenders.  He comes out weapons dropped.  Straxus binds his arms behind him elbows to wrist then they take him down to his men.  They speak and it is true that he had no idea what the Cow Hammers were up to.  Straxus and Volka bind the men into a chain gang.  Portia and Vael stay behind to search the room and only find papers regarding the shop from when it was legit a silver dagger and a spear.  Volka takes what the men have, weapons, arrows, and gold.  The party makes their way back to Volshyenek.  However Vancaskerkin does seem to be hiding something about who set up the food deals.  They meet up with Rossi who offers to take them in.  The party make their way to the Field Marshal.  As they leave Straxus remains behind to request to join the guard.  Cressida agrees and writes up his conscript then sends him off.  

The Girls make their way back to Amor house where they enjoy food, sleep, and baths, in some order or another.  The next day Reginald finds a family for yet another orphan and reports it to Portia then prepares and adventuring outfit for Portia.

Volka leaves her bath after waking and then makes his way to Tommy to work on his reading.

The girls make their way to the Citadel for a new job.  Straxus is called up and introduced.  

Vancarlo Orisini- Chin Beard – Most respected and renowned teachers of Swordplay- against the queen – a endless flirt

Field Marshal explains that the man knows a lot about the cities mood.  Cressida explains Darvayne Gios Amprei.  An ambassador who disdains Korvosa.  A man who openly worked a deal that would help, but instead seeks to undermine economy.  Swordmaster knows that the man frequents Eels End.  She wants us to go to Eel’s Inn and get dirt on the Ambassador.  

Devargo Barvasi “King of Spiders” – Crimelord – Runs several vice dens.
Darvayne Gios Amprei – Cheliax Ambassador

Session 7
Neth 21st, 4707

Weather: Inclement weather
Temperature: High 37 F/ Low 17 F
Wind Speed: 2 mph
Precipitation: 6 hours of Rain
Straxus moves to the man who was knocked out.  He gathers him up and looks him over.  He is a commoner middle aged.  Possible dock worker or the like.  He is pretty beaten up.  Straxus attempts to heal the man up taking an hour to make some makeshift bandages.  Then picking the man up he begins making his way to Portia.  En Route he is stopped by a guard who insists that they make their way to Volshyenek.  Straxus agrees and offloads the man into the other guards care.  

Guard that Stops Straxus Grady Doosh

Upon arrival they meet a woman.  She commands the man to the infirmary, and Straxus to rest.  He refuses in light of going to the armory to polish swords.

Back at the Amor residence a messenger is sent out to gather the party.  They pack up and make their way to Volshyenek.  They move to the infirmary to speak with the man. The man explains he was jumped by the Cow Hammers for not doing nothing, but the Cow Hammers believed he would.  Portia asks why he thought they would jump him.  He is not a “Solly”  and he doesn’t know anything about Cow Hammerboys.  Beat him for being around the Docks.  He is a fisherman.  He was working on grouping up with his co workers to talk to the captain.  Not to form a union just to seek more wages. Volka promises the man vengeance if not Justice.  

Beat up Commoner- has two kids

Party decides to assault at night, they want to catch out whoever may leave this night to lessen their numbers and then assault the butcher shop. The men typically leave around 1am.  

Office woman @ Volshyenek – Alaina Denafrio

Portia meets with the fieldmarshal about attempting to continue the distribution efforts after Vankaskerkin is brought in.  Portia continues to work the idea and the Fieldmarshal works with her on it.  They work out that Vael’s butcher could be brought in to help work some sort of distribution effort.  Portia agrees to speak with the butcher.  The Fieldmarshal wants to put the queens banner behind the operation.  The party separates.

Straxus goes off to purchase the arrows.  

The ladies move to Bah Bah butcher to discuss the distribution of free meet with Mr. Corleone.  Vael asks if he would like to pick up the slack of “All the World’s Meat”  once Vancaskerson is taken down.  The Butcher thinks on it a bit and then agrees with provisions.  He asks that guards be assigned for his protection.  He explains he attempted woodworking but did a poor job.   He made toys for the kids (Really shitty).  

Straxus returns home and is immediately accosted by Tommy wanted to see his new arrows.  He begs to hold and arrow and Straxus says no.  He begs and Straxus takes the moment to work on his manners before going to speak with Valentine about the kids.  They discuss that the grownups are going out.  Then Straxus goes to the couch and hands tommy his bow and arrow.  Tommy fails to even draw the bow.

The girls go to Volka’s brothers to say a possible goodbye.  They also talk business.  

The girls return home to find Tommy playing with Straxus’s Bow.  Straxus insists on returning the coin to Portia, who after denying it once finally agrees to hold on to it.  Straxus then drops an f-bomb in asking about Tommy’s mother.  The conversation becomes tense as it's confirmed that the woman was Tommy’s mother.  The group agrees to try and search her out.  Tommy also explains that she didn’t give him away that he was abducted while trying to get bread.  Straxus ushers the other off to bed.

Session 6
Neth 19th, 4707

The party starts at the Amore residence… Straxus pacing and Volka and Vael work on apologies.  Volka invites Vale to punch her in the face and Vael refuses.  Straxus drops the idea that he would like to hunt for a deer or other large game to take to the men at all the world's meat to attempt to become a supplier, in an attempt to curry some favor.  He hunts and finds a doe while the rest of the party seeks tubers and stuff.  They encounter a pushy vendor trying to buy the deer from him.  He mentions the Cow Hammerboys and how they can make a problem “Go Away” with the right code word.  

Code: This Night's Special Cuts

The man turns out to be a yarn merchant trying to turn a coin.  This provokes Portia.  

NPC: Saul – Yarn Merchant.

Portia attempts to strike a deal with the man to work on clothing for the children.  They work a deal around his yarn instead of buying meat to sell.

Straxus and Volka have a long conversation about surviving and friendship, speculation vs. truth, and Straxus understanding of merit.  They finally come to agree on silence as Straxus forges on ahead

Vael and Portia follow the pushy merchant to the docks near where Gaedrin was killed.  There they talk about helping one another.  Inside the warehouse he shows Portia his wares.  Portia and Vael attempt to guess how much of this product they would need to clothe the children.  Vael assumes they would need all of it but then portia comes behind and guess a little closer.  Portia and Vael then seal the deal with 7 gold shields for the yarn they assume they need for the children.  They then decide to return to the house.

“If ever I need yarn I know who to call, better call Saul”

Straxus makes the deal with the man with the deer and agrees to meet and discuss things.  Straxus then asks Volka to get Portia for the meeting.  Volka agrees and leaves.

Portia and Vael return to see Reginald bound and gagged to a chair.  The children seem to have tied him up.  She explains they have acquired goods for creating clothing and tasks him with the spearheading of the task then goes to leave.  Vael moves to Reginald and un-gags him.  Reginald, who is in fact a shoanti in the kids game of Shoanti and coppers, informs them he is unable to knit and begs to be released.  Portia then leaves him to his fate with the children.  Vael joins in the game as a Shoanti.  Portia speaks with Lucille and informs her she will instead spearhead the operation to teach the children how to knit cloths for the winter.

Vael seeks out Tommy and valentine and sees them sparing in the back yard.  Vael dazes Tommy with a spell and Valentine refuses to strike.  Valentine explains that while Tommy is stronger but that she is smarter and that she wants to beat him fair and square. Vael then teaches him a lesson about dames and tricks by continuing to daze him and use spark on his nose hairs.  Volka shows up to Portia’s house to advise Portia that Straxus requires her help all the while calling Straxus a “Bolder Head” under her breathe.  Volka asks Vael to see to the tubers and then Portia and Volka make their way to Straxus.  Portia TELLS reginald that he needs to deface three of the gold bars.  He makes his way to the tool shead to find Vael.  He hands her a shovel and they speak of a greenhouse to keep the tubers warm for the winter.  Vael offers to help him with the “metallurgy” leaving reginald almost speechless.  They strip the ingots and then Portia makes her way with Volka to All the world's meat.  Portia and Straxus speak with the men but do not come to a very good agreement.  They decide to continue to deliver meat to them for a time to see if they will be accepted.

The party meet up back at portia’s and Straxus has a long conversation with Tommy about behavior.  After coming to an agreement Straxus gets tommy lessons in reading.  Then leaves to continue his stakeout of the place.

Vael and Reginald make their way to the docks discussing his employment.  They work the deal for the food and then make their way back to Portia’s.

Vael and Volka have a conversation that is a strange attempt to apologize.

During watch Straxus misses some of the Cow hammers go missing.  However notices them return late at night.  He leaves around 3 am to hunt taking 20 on the survival to hunt.  Then he will stop by Portia’s house to drop off some of the fresh meat, and then make his way to All the World’s Meat to drop off the rest of his kills, then he will take up a spot nearby and continue to watch the establishment.

Note: Cow hammer’s 4 +1 leader
2 that work the shop during the day
1 new face seen returning to the shop that night
1 new one leave on second night to ruff up the man.

Vael speaks with Portia about Reginald beginning to try to find the children's original homes.  Portia reluctantly agrees and allows Reginald to begin searching for the children's real homes.
Reginald begins his investigation with Vael as two days progress

Children Placed:     Day 1         1 child         Pipa
26-21            Day 2        4 children    Luigi, 
17            Day 3-4     4 children
16            Day 5        1 Child
15            Day 7
Neth 21th, 4707

A large redheaded woman comes to the house asking if they have his boy.  Volka determines that the woman is actually full of shit.  She is demanding Tommy stating that the boy was given away to Gaedrin.  Vael moves to intimidate stating that because she gave him away she is entitled to the boy.  Volka tells the woman to piss off.  The woman states she is going to the guard and Vael pulls her badge and demands the woman to leave.

On the second night 2 gentlemen I don’t know leave the shop and head to old korvosa.  There they rough up a man.  Nothing was taken.  They finish this and return to the shop.

! Next Session:  Speak to man who was injured

Session 5a
Neth 17th, 4707

The party begins the session just outside the Temple of Sarenrae.  The party makes their way to All The World's Meat.  A laughing cow sign sits above the building.  What was once boarded windows are now unboarded.  As the party approaches they see people moving about with packages. There are some lights in the building but none in the front.  Vael seeing a need for food but there is no answer.  The party decides to leave and Straxus remains.  The party splits leaving Straxus to go to Baah Baah Butchers.  As they travel they notice groups of people still in unrest.  They happen across a Sable Company Marine.  He warns them of the danger in the night and advises them to return home.  He offers to escort them home.  He tells them most of the shops are rare with stock due to the trade roads being blocked off.  They introduce themselves.  

Leonardo Vicenza – Sable Company Marine
Mr. Corleone – Vael’s Butcher

The party arrives at Vael’s butcher to find them closed for the night.  The butcher explains that he is out of stock and advises Vael that she should leave the city for their safety.  The party asks if there is anything the party could do.  The man does not believe they could be much help.  Portia tells him that she runs an orphanage and the man offers for them to return later without the Marine.  Volka tries to usher them off as the man invites them to tea.  Volka has a theory that maybe the packages contained human meat of the recently dead from the butcher shop.  The officer also speaks that most of the food stuffs have moved into black market sales.  Then the marine finishes escorting them to the house.  Then Vael moves to identify the parties magical loots.  Then the party begins to divvy out the loot.

Session 5
Neth 18th, 4707

Straxus wakes early to see a man selling livestock to the men at the butcher.  As the purchaser makes their way in a group of poor looking people begin to crowd the shop.  The group meanwhile has a breakfast and talks over Tommy and Vael’s butcher.  Then the party leaves to go to Vael’s butcher for tea.  Then the party splits again as Volka seeks to check on Straxus and Vael and Portia go to the butcher for tea.  As the couple speak with the butcher he speaks of the dealer.  A man who can get them food on the shade.  Then he warns of the cultist, wererats, and other dangers in the area.  He says that the Cultist of undead.

As the day goes on these poor people move in and out of the shop, entering without, and leaving with bundles of food.  The traffic is heaviest in the morning as it seems first come first serve.  As the day goes on, the crowds get less and less.

Volka meets with Straxus after encountering another deserter.  She knocks him out and she gathers straxus.  They meet with the man and take him back to Volshnyk.  There they get permission to acquire meat as part of their investigation.  They they return to “All the World's Meat” where they are given a single satchel of meat for free and then told to leave.  Vael requests more but is denied by the men.  She leaves and then after handing off the meat to Volka she rejoins the line only to be threatened if she did not leave.  Volka and Vael then get into an argument.  Portia then defuses the argument and sends them home.  Straxus remains at the shop watching.  Vael returns to Portia’s house with the meat and then leaves to meet “Dealer”.  Portia has a conversation about their argument.  Portia calms Volka and then looks for Vael only to find that she is gone off to the dock.  Portia then tries to find her, and Volka leaves to find Straxus.  

Vael goes to the docks to meet Dealer, and meets with a snake oil salesman.  There she is hawked a cheap perfume.  There she gets in an innocent argument about the contents of the perfume.  After selling the man the darkwood case she waits for this “Dealer” to come only to meet up with Portia.  Then they have a conversation about working together and come to ?Terms?.  

The Dealer arrives on his skiff around 11:00 pm, with food that he begins selling.  They haggle and work towards a deal with many dry goods.  Vael demands to inspect the wares before making a deal.  Vael insults the wares and demands a lower price.  They settle at 500 gold shields for the boat of food.  Suddenly the sounds of angry people begin roaring.  Portia hands him the chelish ingot and it isn’t enough.  They decide not to make the purchase tonight and instead plan for tomorrow night.  Portia demands the ingot back and they make their way back to the manor.

Session 4a
Neth 16th, 4707

Weather: Normal weather
Temperature: High 40 F/ Low 22 F
Wind Speed: 8 mph
Precipitation: None

The game starts around Dusk on the 16th of Neth.  Portia seeks out Anders to discuss the intent of creating a militia of sorts to attempt to bring order to their surroundings.  She attempts to convince him to stay home and safe.  He agrees that staying home is a sound idea.  Anders decides that to keep the children in line he must attempt to be more like them.  Calling for tommy as “little Shit”  Portia writes it off as a mistake.  She denies him lowering his standards for the sake of the children that he should attempt to bring them back up to his level.  Straxus speaks with Portia that they should decide their stance on all the current political issues.  They meet in the dining room and Vael insists on tea.  Volka speaks of her failure to find a legal president for milita.  Vael and Volka begin to argue the merits of militia verse a vigilante group.  The group continues to talk about their “Lack” of options and Straxus intones that idle lead to no resolution.  Vael agrees that without action the children could never be safe.  They decide to discuss their standpoint on the queen and king and their standpoint on the political issue.  After a long discussion on their standpoint they agree that nobody agrees on anything.  Straxus then advises the group they should seek to align themselves with the guard.  The agree to rest for the night then make their way to the citadel in the morning. 

Queen Ileosa Arabasti- Chelaxian Noble, Quick marriage, Strict but kind (Portia) quite young.  Not very public in her appearances.  Known for expensive tastes.   Nobles support her however there is no strong bond of friendship.  Common people are not too fond of her.  

King Eodred Arabasti II- Womanizer, His ideals on economy became thrifty, his actions were seen as her fault.  It is thought that Aodread was unfaithful.  Korvosa was founded by cheliax 300 years ago.  It is not true that every monarch meets a terrible end.  But there is enough to endorse the rumor.  Feared by all the right people.  No heir to throne.  Older, married late in life.  King is known to have failing health in the past few months.  Now that he is dead the throne moves to her. 

Seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis:  noble families are happy with his intervention while the king was ill. 

Some for the King
The King was Right
Some for the Queen
The Queen rules by might


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