The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 19
Neth 26th, 4707

The party begins at the Citadel as a tiny halfling seeks the temple to his god saenrea.  There he takes on the roll of a guard and is sent to seek sean the cleric.  Straxus bails him out after receiving healing. They exchange a few words about how Straxus is….. Famous?”  Then Straxus heads out toward Portia's with the halfling trailing behind him.

The vantage shifts to Vidar who wakes Trinia early and discusses the beauty of a sunrise.  They make their way to breakfast where Trinia confesses her feelings about the execution of someone in her stead.  They embraces and we talk about beards.

Vantage shifts to Volka at Eel’s end where she speaks to Roth (was afk)

Things shift back to Straxus and Mallory as Vidar arrives.  Vidar inquires about Mallory who just joined the guard.  Straxus agrees to meet up at Portia’s then take Mallory to The Temple.  Vidar cracks a joke about Straxus being hellspawn which bristles Straxus.  They part ways and Straxus and Mallory head to Portia's.  Once there they meet Tommy at the door.  Straxus gives him a nuggy and then they make their way to the kitchen.  Straxus introduces Mallory to Portia and then gathers Tommy for a trip to the temple.

Things shift back to Vidar who makes his way to Crofts office who finds herself with a little sleep under her belt.  Vidar asks that Mallory joins the group, and then goes into a report on the goings on in the Gray.  Croft agrees to adding Mallory to the squad.  She believes that Roth is still a problem.  She agrees the evidence should go to the party.  She requests that they keep an eye out for more strange necromantic goings on.  Determines that the Derro is an apprentice of Roths.  The Derro had an item (Robe of Bone) of a sinister nature.  The evidence is turned over to Vidar.  She also got an Imp from the Amor household about a specialist in necromancy.  

Session 18
Neth 25th, 4707

After subduing the Derro wizard, we find a thrashing torso and arm that appears to belong to the Shoanti boy we are tasked with recovering. Vidar goes and collects his remaining body parts from throughout the dungeon, while Volka and Portia search the rooms the wizard had been found. They find several personal items, which are added to the pile of evidence collected throughout the catacombs. Portia and friends reassemble the boy using magic and sewing supplies. They then head back to the alchemy room where all the former prisoners have been moved to, and open the final door. Vidar throws the door open to find some sort of undead monster, exuding some horrid stench, and holding the other arm of the child. Volka runs around it to trap it between herself and Vidar, upon which it smacks her with the boy’s arm.
The stench pours out of the room and the creature, nauseating Vidar and Portia for several seconds (so far, ugh). The carrion construct was vanquished by the heroes, Vidar and Portia sewed on the last arm of the boy’s corpse, all while Volka searched the room the creature had been in. Portia examined the creature’s spellbook and found no sort of illusion magic it could use to mask its identity, instead finding a name: Vreeg. The adventurers decided to take the captive Derro and the former prisoners back to the Citadel. Roth (Rolth? whatever) Lamm was nowhere to be found. On the way out, the acid trap activated once more, but luckily only Straxus, Portia, and Volka were harmed, and then only lightly. They escape into the fresh air of the Gray, Vidar releasing the citizens after taking down their names and addresses.
The party return to the Citadel, Vidar carrying the boy’s corpse wrapped up in sheets, Straxus carrying the unconscious Vreeg, and Volka carrying the sack of evidence. Rossi is flustered at Portia’s injured state and mothers her for a bit while the others go up to inform the Field Marshall of their progress. The Derro is imprisoned and the corpse brought down to Sean the cleric. The group reassembles once more to brief the Field Marshall.
Kroft shows the group a flyer/missive advertising the execution of Trinia Sabor the following evening. Kroft confirms that the real Trinia Sabor is still with Vencarlo safely, so the execution is some sort of spectacle being put on to satisfy the public’s lust for blood, we presume. Kroft asks us to go to observe, to keep an eye out for anything “out of sorts” and to contain any potential riot should something happen. Otherwise it is a purely surveillance mission.
Vidar has a nice conversation with Trinia, ensuring she’s ok and that she will continue to be.
Portia attempts to settle a dispute between Tommy and Anders before going for a bath.
Volka remains with the Field Marshall until Thousand Bones comes for his grandson’s body. She asks to enact revenge on the one who did this to his grandson, and I believe he accepts sorta maybe? She promises that everyone will know it was Nifling and not the Shoanti so they don't begin a cycle of violence and feuding that will cause more destruction than satisfaction.

Session 17
Neth 25th, 4707

The party starts in the lab discussing its contents.  The party continues down the less trodden path to enter combat with some pit warden of sorts.  After defeating the Warden, the party begins to ask questions of his captives.  They find out that all but one were abducted in some fashion, but one was actually convinced to come by what we assume to be the necromancer to do some experiments.  Vidar keys his questions to the guy getting little.  The party assists the prisoners back to the Alchemy room and assists them to fortifying it then they make their way back to the tunnels where the come across a very macabra surgeons room where there appears to be a strange amalgamation of a humanoid build of many parts.  The part moves south to find a library of sorts containing a lot of books on necromancy and golem creation.  Volka presses down to the alchemy room through a secret passage and then the party moves north to what is a bedroom containing another Derro and some sort of slow, jerky moving humanoid.  There they encounter a skeleton, zombie, and some sort of necromancer derro.  As combat continues The Derro moves to flee and the party chases back into the strange surgeon room.  The battle continues with the little wizard into the library room as he continued to flee and cast on the party.  Finally with a deft grapple from Volka, Straxus was able to non-lethally subdue the Derro.

Session 16
Neth 25th, 4707

The party finds themselves still in the catacombs beneith the Potters Ward in The Grey, having just slain skeletons and in combat with Derro. The fight continues as Straxus downs two of the Derro and one of the stirges that had attatched itself to Vidar’s beard.  As combat ends Vidar reprimands Straxus for his reckless shot.  Straxus accepts the reprimand and requests his orders.  He is told to hold the back and guard against suprise.  The party moves into a mudhole in the tunnels holding an Otugyh.  Combat begins.  Combat ends swiftly and the party searchs the pile of corpses to find a pair of legs that appear to be Shoanti native to the area and of similar age to the boy that died.  The party continues on to a trapped hallway.  Straxus moves in to try and disable however in the attempt the trap triggers spraying straxus with acid as two bone snakes with human skulls drop from the ceiling.  Straxus dips out of the hall and alerts the party to the guardians of the hall.  The party begins to fight it through the hallway.  Vidar drops his massive earthbreaker on the creature and then Straxus follows up with a blunt arrow killing it.  The second necro snake thing crawls up to Vidar and strikes him.  Vidar fights off the paralysis and drops the hammer on it aswell.  Combat ends.  The party makes their way down the hall into another room filled with alchemical reagents and a derro trying to clean the room.  Vidar enters the room and intimidates the creature.  Combat begins.  Party swarms the Derro and Vidar finishes it with an Aoo.  As the party enters the room they find many items.  Session ends by Vidar advising that taking anything from the room is technically tampering with evidence and against the law.

Session 15
Neth 25th, 4707

As the party makes their way to the Gray the come across more and more Shoanti.  The anger at the injustice plain on their face.  Once in the Gray the party makes their way to the Grand Cathedral of Pharasma.  Vidar gathers the attentions of a priest and leads him away from the main area.  The party purchases potions for the trip and then Vidar asks about the specific image that they are seeking. 

The party makes their way from the church to the mausoleum.  Straxus looks about to find tracks of a wheelbarrow and human tracks heading into the mausoleum and a large amount of “small” tracks.   As they look about Straxus finds a trapdoor behind the gargoyle.  Portia opens the hatch with a spell and then drops a rock down the shaft with light cast on it.  Vidar makes his way down the shaft followed by Straxus and Portia.  They make their way into a crypt and as Straxus advises the party to come in.  As they do skeletons rise from bone pits to acost the party.  A single owlbear skeleton from the east and four skeletons from the west.

The Party completes the combat with the skeletons and Straxus makes his way forward further into the catacombs as the group continues to look about the crypt.  As Straxus is scouting ahead he kicks a rock down the tunnel alerting a nearby enemy of their presence.  The creature comes up and casts some sort of magic at Straxus doing some sort of sonic damage.  Straxus turns back and runs alerting also the bugs feeding on a corpse to the party.  As Straxus returns to the tunnel split he sees into the darkness and a small creature comes up behind Portia hitting with a crossbow.  As volka turns the corner finds out they are fighting a Derro.  Straxus pushes past the darkness to find the Derro lair.  There he finds a maze as a rat pops its head up over.  Straxus fires an arrow and kills it, because Fuck a rat.

Session 14
Neth 24rd, 4707

The party starts at Portia’s where they talk over a few things.  Portia helps to make Triana at home.  Vidar takes a bath and then has a conversation with Tommy.  Tommy allows Vidar to join his “Crew” and then moves to “patrol” the house.  Vidar then gives Tommy a mission to find out who wants who dead the most in Midland.

Straxus makes his way to Orisini Academy to speak with Vancarlo.  Once there he is met by a student who guards himself against the demon threat.  Straxus hands over his badge and a few less than pleasantries.  The student fetches Vancarlo.  He comes back with Vancarlo.  Straxus and Vancarlo go to a sitting room to speak of the developments with Trinia.  Straxus advises that they should make their way to the Amor residence.  They make their way to the carriage that Vancarlo owns and he hitches it himself talking of how he is capable despite his lofty position.  

Straxus and Vancarlo make their way to the Amor residence and meet with Vidar.  They exchange orders with Vidar about moving Trinia to Orsini Academy.  Vidar gathers her and Straxus speaks to Portia.  Then he goes off to check on Tommy.  He finds that Tommy is not in his bed but after speaking to Jeevs that Tommy is infact gone.  Straxus makes his way to Vidar.  The group meets up to say goodbyes.  Straxus speaks with Vidar and finds that Tommy was given a mission and is out in the streets.  Straxus requests that he leave the guard detail to search for Tommy.  Vidar allows him to do so as he prepares to make his way to the academy.  Vidar, Vancarlo, and Trinia make their way to the carriage.  Vidar requests that Trinia play the part of a wife and Vancarlo a driver for the carriage for a midnight ride.  

Straxus leaves off to track tommy down.  After some tracking and keen perception finds tommy at the docks surrounded by other urchins.  Straxus sneaks up and plays at being a pedophile.  Then chastises Tommy on his actions.  They make their way back to find that Portia was non the wiser and actually asleep.  Straxus coaxes tommy to bed and then makes his way to the Orisini Academy.  Straxus then makes his way to the Citadel to report to Croft.  He wakes her to report and she reinstates him to the Midnight Watch.  She falls asleep and Straxus works to organize her office while she sleeps.  

Neth 25th, 4707

The day begins at the Amor residence as most of the party gathers around for breakfast.  Vidar remains at the Academy.  Straxus and Portia make their way to the Citadel while Volka returns to Eel’s End.  Portia confronts Straxus about Tommy's behavior.  He lies his ass off and convinces her that it must be a young boy becoming a young man kinda thing and asks that Portia advise Anders to speak with him about at length.

As Vidar makes his way to the Citadel and meets up with Volka, they have a pleasant exchange before Vidar makes his way to the Citadel.  

The party meets at Cressida’s office to meet with Thousand Bones.  He knows that Gaegan’s Body, a young boy of Shoanti descent was murdered and then his corpse was then taken and sold to a necromancer known to both the Shoanti and the City as a criminal.  Thousand Bones offers either the body be retrieved from Roth (Necromancer) or war will take place between the Shoanti and Korvosans.  Rolth was a failed academy student.  Kicked out for his experiments.  He butchered vagrants and animals to create a golem from the body parts.  Charges weren't placed to keep it quiet.  She thinks many other murders can be attributed to him.  They think he is in the Dead Warrens a location somewhere in the Gray.  Also known as the only surviving son of Gaedrin.  Attempt to take him in, but defend ourselves if needed.  

Rolth Lamm – Necromancer – Son of Gaedrin Lamm

Task: Apprehend or Kill Rolth Lamm
    If apprehended he will be publicly executed to send a message.  

Dead Warrens are located in potters warren, or the court of a thousand bones.  
The man who sold the body is in custody.  

Elkaris – man who sold the body

Straxus suggests that missives be sent out for Volka and Theo for help.  Straxus and Portia make their way to Rossy while Vidar remains behind.  He asks about the Assassin that was captured only to find out that Cressida had no idea about the capture.  It was in fact a person captured by the queen's new guard.  Vidar expresses that things seem very suspect.  She also explains that the peace talks between the Shoanti had been going well until the death of the boy.  

Session 12
Neth 24rd, 4707

The party begins at the gates of the Citadel.  Straxus relays his conversation with Vancarlo.  (See Forum RP)   Vidar hangs back as they make their way to the address given by cressida.  He asks of Portia’s spells.  Portia explains her skills and asks of his.  As they make their way to Moon street the riots are in full swing with obvious supporters of the king to one side, and to the other the queen's supporters.

Conflict is making the creatures of Korvosa agitated!!!

The party makes their way to the address and that there are many ladders and fire escapes to make their way to the top.  Straxus makes his way to the top of the building and then the party realize that nobody knows what Triana looks like.  Vidar offers to go out to search for info on how she looks.  The first group he encounters seem to have no idea on who they are lynching either.

Portia and Volka seek her on the ground floor with no avail.  Portia makes her way up to the top to ask and they are just as unhelpful.  Straxus then yells out that he will pay 100 gold crowns to the one who gives up Trinia.

Straxus dodges past the crowd with an amazing feat of acrobatics, then running to a jump he tries to make his way to the rooftop but fails to grab hold.  Volka continues up the ladder, Portia is detained by the crowd and Vidar attempts to head her off at the pass.  As Straxus attempts to make his way up to the roof he gives chase.  An old woman jumps out from her door to yell at straxus but he roars her down and continues his chase.  Portia attempts to calm the crowd while Volka finally makes her way to the top.  Portia finally talks the girl down just before Straxus drew his bow to break her knees.  The party decides to follow the shingles back to Portia’s house, while they ask portia through the msg spell if Straxus can in fact open a portal to hell.  Straxus goes from grumpy to pissed.

To clear the way straxus convinces a large crowd that the king killer is in eel’s end.  However he is unable to bluff his way out of the mob.  So he takes them for a tour of Korvosa before dumping them outside the city.  Making his way back to Korvosa he advises them to lock the gates.  He makes his way to Volshyenek to advise Cressida they have the child.  Cressida states he is to take Sean to Amor’s for truth magic.  And then to gather Vencarlo.  They make their way to Amor’s house.

Vidar and Portia speak with the child and after a few exchanges come to find the child has an alibi.  

Volka makes her way to Eel’s End to assess damage and find that not much happened.

Sean makes his way to Amor and then Vidar and Sean cast the zone of truth.  They ask their questions again.  Trinia says that she did not kill the king in the zone of truth and that she did not know who did.  She states that she was last in the castle a week prior to the king's death.  She denies knowing if she left anything in the castle.  She denies that she took anything not related to painting.  She denies using any tools not her own.  She acknowledges leaving her items unattended.  She agrees that she built a good report with the king.  She denies having one with the queen.  She denies interacting with the queen’s guard.  She states she was escorted by the guards in and out of the castle.  She spent a few hours painting her commission over a couple of days.  She states that the Senechal commissioned the painting for the king to make him feel better.  The Chamberlain brought him his meals daily.  She does not know his name.  The king looked to be wasting away.  She never noticed that he was forced to eat.  They never shared drink.  There are signs to disease or poison but not enough to be conclusive.  

Session 10
Neth 23rd, 4707

The game begins with the players in their respective locations.  Straxus is at Portia’s house, Portia still sleeping in the early morn.  Volka remains at Eel’s End and Vael in her cell. 

The Game starts true with Volka at Eel’s End.  She did spend the evening before pouring over the Barvasi’s effects.  Volka begins to look about the ship and finds a chest.  Breaking it open he finds a great deal of items as well as some letters to Ampri from a prostitute.

Verania Tvastiox- Ampri’s Whore

The letters from Verania include very lude writings about subjects of a sexual nature. Then Volka moves to the throne and goes to sleep.  She wakes and reminds her crew that everything is to remain as before there is just a new change in management.  Everything is back to normal, minor damage to the ships closer to Eel’s End.  

We return to the Amor house where Straxus wanders aimlessly.  Vale eats very little of her breakfast offing the rest to Tommy.  Straxus offers to train Tommy if he behaves and then Vale, Portia, and Strax head off to the Citadel.  They stop off at Volka’s brother to the Dragon can relay the message.  They tell him of what took place and then offer to follow him to Eel’s end.  Harsk agrees and the four of them make their way to the Citadel.  

They make their way to the Citadel and there they meet Rossy.  They make their way to Vael’s cell and Straxus talks Rossy into letting Vale and Portia into the cell.  Vale runs in instantly hugging her mom.  Vael takes a second to glare at Straxus and Portia, then focus on Vale.  They begin to talk as Vael tries to calm Vale.  Vael asks Vale to leave so she can speak with Portia.  

Vael and Portia have a row about the legality of what took place.  It ends poorly as expected with Vael totally convinced of her innocence.  Portia and Straxus goes to see Cressida leaving Vale with Rossy to see the swords and the stables.  Cressida speaks to them about how things are.  At this time it could be “Spun” that Vael may have misinterpreted the situation.  Cressida suggests they gather what evidence they can to present to the court.

As they make there way back they are confronted by Roose, the thug that works for Volka.  He tells them that Volka wishes to speak with them.  Straxus gets very defensive and talks the man off.  Straxus advises that Vale and Portia go back to Amor house.  Straxus remains back to gather Harsk.  

Straxus, Portia, and Harsk make their way to Eel’s End.  There they speak with Volka who has found some damning evidence for Ampri.  She offers it up to gains amnesty for the murder.  She insists that she alone killed the king of spiders.  

Straxus moves to leave and Portia comes along with her.  Majenco advises them to stay that he will fetch the Field Marshal and possibly Vael.  Stating that the spiders being missing is a bad thing.  He leaves and Portia sends off a goon to fetch Volka.  

As Volka comes out they find that Harsk is ill from poison.  That's when the find that the spiders have swarmed the ship.  Volka, Strax, and Portia work to disband eel’s end and then set fire to the ship.  Cressida shows up with Vael and they agree to absolve Volka of her Crime and release Vael, saying the report will reflect that Vael is innocent and that Volka is absolved of killing the King of Spiders due to her help in gaining the info they needed on the ambassador.  They watch as the boat sinks and then Volka asks Straxus to teach Tommy a new word, Ungeg.  Straxus agrees but cuts her short when she tries to explain herself.  Straxus, sicked by the whole event returns to Portia’s home to gather his pack and then, in the night leaves off towards the forest for his training retreat.

Guards with Benefits
Me and party are able to borrow resources up to 100gp and gather info
If night is spent at citadel all hp dmg is healed
Also includes spells of healing like:
Lesser Restoration
Remove Blindness
Remove Curse CL 5
Remove Disease CL 5
As rank increases perks level up too
Church of Abadar, Pharasma and Sable company are close allies

Session 11
Neth 24rd, 4707

Straxus spends the evening running his training route.  Once finished he resigns himself to return to the Citadel to try and find some work to do.  He moves to do latrine work but is  stopped by a fellow guard due to his leave of absence.  He tries to talk them out of it but is turned down.  He resigns himself to the stables where he continues to work in silence when not observed.  

The Story moves to Volka who checks in and wishes well her brother Harsk before returning to life's underbelly.  Then volka makes her way back to Eel’s End.  Many ships have docked but Eel’s End is gone.  Roose explains that moral is down and the biggest ship is gone.  Roose explains that he thinks people will need convinced that things are fine.  Roose expresses concern for Volka’s friends.  She moves to make Roose a voice for her.  The man offers that someone should “Beat the Streets” to get the word around about Eel’s End.  She then leaves to go to the Golden Tiger.  
Roose offers to pay a few “Brats” to spread a good word on the streets. 

Returning to Straxus he meets with Vancarlo who advises that Cressida is seeking the party.  They chat about Grawl being one of his students.  Vancarlo thanks him for helping the man.  Straxus advises the horse needs reshod and then makes his way to Cressida.  Once there he makes his way in the office to meet Jay’s new character.  The man is well equipped with weapons and armor.  Tall and well built and bearded.  Obviously from the North.  Straxus and Vidar make 

Belle – Vancarlo’s Horse
Sgt. Vidar Orinsson – Jay’s New Character

their way to the Amor Residence to find that Volka is at Eel’s End and Portia is indisposed.  Vidar and Straxus make their way to Eel’s End to gather Volka.  They look and ask about for Volka finding that she is at the Golden Tiger.  Straxus gathers her and then they make their way to the Citadel.  Straxus makes a point not to speak to Volka but Vidar and Volka carry on a “Conversation”.  Then Volka and Straxus talk of what Straxus thinks about Volka’s decisions.  Straxus agree’s to become easier to deal with but explains to Volka what he thinks of the decision and what he thinks should happen.  Then they all agree to make their way to the Citadel.

As they continue to the Citadel the party finds a group of people quarrelling.  As they are the ground is beginning crack and shake slightly.  The ground explodes and the smell of sewers fills the air.  An Otyugh comes from the ground and Combat ensues.  Straxus yells at the people to run while they fight.  Combat finishes with only one civilian death.  They move the monster's corpse back into the hole and then agree to take the body of the man that died to the church of Pharasma.  Vidar cords off the area with some rope from his pack before leaving.  The party makes their way to the Citadel first.  Portia and Vidar speak of his background.  They find that Vidar comes from the land of the Linnorm Kings.  His tribe's chief died and he was there for the “?coronation?” of the new king.  

August 18th – Dave no roll dice

The party returns to the citadel.  They report that an Otyugh attacked.  Cressida announces that the king's killer was named.  Queen Ileosa announced the king's killer. The Queen is not satisfied with how the guard has handled the riots.  The Queen may be planning to disband the Sable Company.  Cressida warns of mob justice, and hellknights.  The job is to get Trinia and return her to the Citadel without getting her killed.  

Trinia – announced as the murderer of the king – Artist who painted for the king

Vidar offers that there is an escape route known as the shingles of the roofs.  He says that the group should approach the woman’s house while Strax watches the rooftops.  Vidar leaves to go to the guard’s healers at the infirmary and Straxus makes his way to the quartermaster for two quivers of arrows.  

Sean – The Cleric – Infirmary at the Citadel
Derick the Cleric – does more involved things

Vidar makes his way to the infirmary to meet Sean the Cleric.  The Cleric offers two uses of Cure Moderate Wounds.  Healing him for 23hp.  He receives a consolation pickle instead of a lollipop.  Vidar is sad.  

Portia and Volka leave the citadel and meet up with Romano in street cloths.  He states that he is under cover.  The two guards have a conversation about being undercover..

Polly – the Guard – kinda a dunce

Portia speaks to Polly about how to look less professional to be more effective. Polly asks if he can go back to the Citadel to change into his normal clothes and gets the permission.  Raymono uses a lot of words he barely understands and convinces Polly to go change and pretend they are cousins when in fact they are really cousins but don’t admit to it but this time they will.  Raymono trips on his dick for a few seconds as they talk about pretending to be a couple.  Portia slips up and explains that if Anders is divorced or dead she might think about it.  However Raymono seemed to take this serious.

Volka goes to Harsk’s and she asks how he is.  They have small talk about settling down.  

Straxus meets up with Vidar after speaking to the quartermaster.  The man commits about how Straxus is hellborn and worries about how Asmodeus is grooming Straxus for nefarious things.  Straxus rebukes him and then suggests gathering non-lethal weapons.  The man says that he would speak to Cressida.  

Session 9
Neth 22nd, 4707

Party begins at around 3pm in the field marshal’s office having just received a new task.  Portia determines that we don’t know much about either player.  So Portia attempts to recall what information she can.

Sean:     Knowledge (Nobility):    20:  
Ambassador to Cheliax with an anti-Korvosa, pro cheliax bend.  

Romano meets up with Portia.  She asks what he knows about Devargo.  He explains that he is a dangerous fellow, up in Old Korvosa.  Has 5 ships as “His little kingdom”.  It is rumored he is not a man to cross. Is known to be smart.  She asks how hard it would be to get an audience with Devargo.  Portia decides that the best option is to ask the door guard and Volka suggests flashing some cash.  Romano suggests they play up like they are a big deal to garner Devargo’s attention.  He also suggests they haunt the streets in Old Korvosa to see if they can find an in with Devargo.  Vael then suggests they go in and just ask to speak to him.  

The party decides to simple request a meeting with Devargo.  They gather Straxus and make their way to Old Korvosa.  

David:    Knowledge (Local):    26
Law is on his vessel is strict.  Failure to pay or abide find themselves without a ship or infested with spiders
Visitors face a similar fate should they cross him.
No cheating, pay debts, no harassment of staff, don’t cause trouble.

The Party makes their way to Eel’s End.  It is evening.  Several signs in different languages.
Twin Tigers: Gambling Barge.
Golden Hawk: No safter stay in Korvosa
Dragon’s Breath Corridor:  Dream the Dragon Dream
House of Clouds: Whore House.

Vael walks up to a random that asks for Bravasi.  The man seems to become very nervous.  The person is dressed as a well to do young lady.  She says no.  Vael attempts to follow the woman and Straxus follows as well.  He advises Portia to begin her search in the Twin Tigers.  The woman goes to the Twin Tiger and sits around a goblin dog fight.  Vael decides to interact with the woman again.  She attempts to bribe her.  Somehow Vael gets nailed for harassing a patron.  A Shoanti bouncer makes his way to Vael.  Things continue to devolve as Vael refuses to let it go.  Straxus bluffs about his employ successfully and the man attempts to intimidate Vael.  She turns around to intimidate him and the man offers up that Bravasi can be found on the southernmost ship.  

Roose- Bouncer at the Eel’s End.  

Straxus waves to Portia and Volka to follow as the man guides them to Barvosi.  The man becomes increasingly concerned as Volka and Portia arrive.  The man enters to speak with him and returns white faced.  The man says Barvosi requests proof and Portia tosses him a bag of 100gp.   The man comes back denying the amount.  Straxus says to give him half.  A long moment passes before the man returns and allows them entrance.  Volka pulls Vael aside about how important it is.  The party makes their way in.  Once in the room is large and looks to be a repurposed captain's room.  Men sit around the table.  A small throne like room.  FUCKING SPIDERS, everywhere.  A small pseudodragon hangs from the chandelier.  

Portia asks about Ampri.  Bavosi offers to play a game.  He motions for Portia to come closer.  He demands that Portia beg on her knees.  He offers for the party to help, but Portia denies them.  She then commences her act rolling a diplomacy: 18.  He says they are going to play a game of Knives.  She points out Straxus calling him “The closest thing to a man in the party.”  

Straxus mounts the table and and has his right hand bound to his person and a pouch to his hip.  The goal is to gather the most gold.   Vael refuses to move after being told, and Bavosi decides to deny their meeting at which point Vael lets off a color spray initiating combat.  Combat ensues and finally Vael and Volka Slay Barvosi at which point Straxus declares that Volka and Vael are under arrest.  The remaining thugs flee the boat while straxus gathers up the corpse to make his way to Volshyenek.  

While still in the boat Volka frees the pseudodragon.  She tasks it with finding tommy and teach him one last phrase.  Then explains she intends to kill herself.  The Dragon talks her down and convinces her that she must fill the void they made.  Volka takes this to mean she should take up the spider kings throne.  

As Straxus, Vael and Portia make their way to the pier, Straxus explains that it might be best if Portia leaves.  After a while Volka appears on deck and declares that she is taking the throne from Barvasi.  She denies Straxus that she be taken into justice and Straxus resigns.  He then meets the Dragon and they discuss how it may be of help to him.  

Psuedodragon: Majenko

Portia makes her way home to cat calls and what not before making it home to find tommy.  Tommy asks a few questions but easily takes the hint that portia is not in the mood.  Tommy seeks out Valentine while Portia makes her way to the Study with Anders.  She speaks with Anders about the night's events.  Ander’s attempts to help her by talking her through her emotions.

Straxus and Vael make their way to Volshyenek where straxus explains what took place and charges Vael with murder.  Vael refutes Cressida nearly has a stroke and commands that Straxus take an administrative leave and that Vael be taken to a cell.  Straxus then makes his way to the Amor residence.  En route Straxus speaks with the Dragon on Barvasi.  It is found that Barvasi might have kept notes on his various deals.  

Straxus and Portia talk of how fucked up things seem to have gotten.  Straxus is torn up over the whole thing but in the end He makes his way into portia’s house.  

Things go back to Volka.  There she intimidates the thugs into her service.  She takes over stunningly.  Demanding that taxes be paid and make herself Nithling: Queen of the Void.


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