Vael Di Sabatino


Name: Vael Di Sabatino
Race: Sylph
Sex: Female
Height: 5’6" (167cm)
Weight: 115lbs (52kg)
Hair: Silvery-white
Eyes: Light grey
Skin: Pale silver-blue

Distinguishing Features:

  • Dark, swirling markings on her cheeks, shoulders, and torso.
  • Long flowing hair has a metallic sheen
  • Lithe, lissom build. Petite.
  • Wears a simple gold band on the third finger of her left hand
  • Has an odd mixture of scents; Chemicals, herbs, and petrichor.

Born alongside a twin sister in 4624AR to one of Korvosa’s wealthier human families, much of Vael’s early years were very sheltered thanks to her “condition”; Hidden away with little freedoms to leave the estate as to not bring scandal upon her House from the other families thanks to the unnatural colour of her skin and hair. Despite this, Vael was happy. She had companionship with her twin sister Valentine, and her older brother Vincent doted on his unusual sister.

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Vael was born in 4624 to human parents, had an older brother and twin sister, both human. The Sylph gene emerging in her for the first time since her great-great grandfather. Her family one of the more noble in Korvosa kept her sheltered for most of her life in fear of causing a scandal among the other wealthy families. She spent most of her home life with her nose in books in the household’s library learning all manner of things. As the rest of her family aged, she stayed constant. Her parents eventually passed leaving her older brother to head the family, eventually taking a wife and having children of his own, her sister doing the same.

She acted as a tutor to her nephews and nieces, and they too grew up while she still stayed young. Her oldest nephew showed an innate talent for sorcery, and it was thrust upon Vael to teach the young man how to use his magic instead of sending him to the Academy. While not a sorcerer herself, Vael had to learn what she could in an effort to at least help the boy control his magical talents. Eventually her brother passed, her sister took upon a matronly role until their nephew could head the family in turn. Eventually both sisters took a back seat in the family, her sister old and ageing fast retiring to her comforts, while Vael returned to her books.

Eventually even her nephews and nieces aged while their children in turn were growing. As her magically inclined nephew approached his retirement, he gifted Vael a simple, modest apartment in the Midland of Korvosa, telling her that she shouldn’t be cooped up in the family’s home anymore, and should discover the world. She gratefully accepted the offer, and struck out on her own for the first time in her life.

It was a struggle to acclimatise to city living over the estate lifestyle at first, but she managed to somehow, and even met a charming young man. Swept off of her feet, they married quickly, had a daughter, and her life was good. At least until her husband was murdered. These days she works by day at Bookmaker’s, making the glues, treating the leathers, mixing the inks, and making all the other chemical concoctions necessary for bookbinding, and runs a small herbalist business from her apartment.

Her life came crashing to a halt when her daughter was abducted from the markets. Devestated and desperate, she’s looking for any help she can get to get her daughter back…

Vael Di Sabatino

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