Toshiro’s life begins in the river kingdom born into the roving band known as the maghambog, desendents of fleeing slaves from Kwalani. From the moment Toshiro could walk there was rarely a moment when Toshiro did not have a blade in his hand and not swinging it at some poor sod be it bandit, traveler, or monster. There was another life long companion to Toshiro besides his blade, his booze, it mattered not what it was be it wine, ale, beer, it all went down a willing and eager gullet. This love for alcohol led to an exile from the Maghambog, for even they found his constant drunkenness an eyesore. Even more adrift then before Toshiro wandered towards Pitax, spending a good year as a bouncer in tavern, well uninhibited but board to tears. In one his many nights miserably drunk Toshiro overheard a forign bard singing of a strange land to the west known as Varisia, a mysertious land filled with strange and dangerous places and adventure for those with the courage to take it, with Korvosoa as the fruit of this land. The words of the bard filled Toshiro once again with a familiar wanderlust, to find adventure and reason to drink, other then for the drinks sake. Finishing up his contract and used all his earnings to charter a ship, taking 5 long months over river to get to Korvosa, only to find out his “Fruit” was rotten with corruption, a rot that suited Toshiro just fine. But willingness did nothing when it came to xenophobia and a broke and desperate Toshiro found very few humans had ever seen a Tengu, much less willing to hire one, and only his keen sword arm had saved him from a slavers clutches, but there was one man willing to hire a foreigner, a cretin of man named Gaedren Lamm. Normally Toshiro wouldn’t have even considered working for such a man, but an empty stomach trumps scruples nine times out of ten, working for Gaedren as an enforcer, thug, and other disreputable work for little over a month, agreeing to pay him at the end of the contract. Toshiro was no fool and sure enough when the contract ended Gaedren disappeared along with the 160 gold pieces he owed him, fortunately Toshiro had skimmed off many of the poor fools who owed Gaedren money which left with a little coin to live off, enough to sustain him while nursing a bitter grudge against Gaedram.


Swords (Or anything with a blade)
Dancing (Only when drunk.)
Magic Tricks


Being called Sengelot