The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 9

Neth 22nd, 4707

Party begins at around 3pm in the field marshal’s office having just received a new task.  Portia determines that we don’t know much about either player.  So Portia attempts to recall what information she can.

Sean:     Knowledge (Nobility):    20:  
Ambassador to Cheliax with an anti-Korvosa, pro cheliax bend.  

Romano meets up with Portia.  She asks what he knows about Devargo.  He explains that he is a dangerous fellow, up in Old Korvosa.  Has 5 ships as “His little kingdom”.  It is rumored he is not a man to cross. Is known to be smart.  She asks how hard it would be to get an audience with Devargo.  Portia decides that the best option is to ask the door guard and Volka suggests flashing some cash.  Romano suggests they play up like they are a big deal to garner Devargo’s attention.  He also suggests they haunt the streets in Old Korvosa to see if they can find an in with Devargo.  Vael then suggests they go in and just ask to speak to him.  

The party decides to simple request a meeting with Devargo.  They gather Straxus and make their way to Old Korvosa.  

David:    Knowledge (Local):    26
Law is on his vessel is strict.  Failure to pay or abide find themselves without a ship or infested with spiders
Visitors face a similar fate should they cross him.
No cheating, pay debts, no harassment of staff, don’t cause trouble.

The Party makes their way to Eel’s End.  It is evening.  Several signs in different languages.
Twin Tigers: Gambling Barge.
Golden Hawk: No safter stay in Korvosa
Dragon’s Breath Corridor:  Dream the Dragon Dream
House of Clouds: Whore House.

Vael walks up to a random that asks for Bravasi.  The man seems to become very nervous.  The person is dressed as a well to do young lady.  She says no.  Vael attempts to follow the woman and Straxus follows as well.  He advises Portia to begin her search in the Twin Tigers.  The woman goes to the Twin Tiger and sits around a goblin dog fight.  Vael decides to interact with the woman again.  She attempts to bribe her.  Somehow Vael gets nailed for harassing a patron.  A Shoanti bouncer makes his way to Vael.  Things continue to devolve as Vael refuses to let it go.  Straxus bluffs about his employ successfully and the man attempts to intimidate Vael.  She turns around to intimidate him and the man offers up that Bravasi can be found on the southernmost ship.  

Roose- Bouncer at the Eel’s End.  

Straxus waves to Portia and Volka to follow as the man guides them to Barvosi.  The man becomes increasingly concerned as Volka and Portia arrive.  The man enters to speak with him and returns white faced.  The man says Barvosi requests proof and Portia tosses him a bag of 100gp.   The man comes back denying the amount.  Straxus says to give him half.  A long moment passes before the man returns and allows them entrance.  Volka pulls Vael aside about how important it is.  The party makes their way in.  Once in the room is large and looks to be a repurposed captain's room.  Men sit around the table.  A small throne like room.  FUCKING SPIDERS, everywhere.  A small pseudodragon hangs from the chandelier.  

Portia asks about Ampri.  Bavosi offers to play a game.  He motions for Portia to come closer.  He demands that Portia beg on her knees.  He offers for the party to help, but Portia denies them.  She then commences her act rolling a diplomacy: 18.  He says they are going to play a game of Knives.  She points out Straxus calling him “The closest thing to a man in the party.”  

Straxus mounts the table and and has his right hand bound to his person and a pouch to his hip.  The goal is to gather the most gold.   Vael refuses to move after being told, and Bavosi decides to deny their meeting at which point Vael lets off a color spray initiating combat.  Combat ensues and finally Vael and Volka Slay Barvosi at which point Straxus declares that Volka and Vael are under arrest.  The remaining thugs flee the boat while straxus gathers up the corpse to make his way to Volshyenek.  

While still in the boat Volka frees the pseudodragon.  She tasks it with finding tommy and teach him one last phrase.  Then explains she intends to kill herself.  The Dragon talks her down and convinces her that she must fill the void they made.  Volka takes this to mean she should take up the spider kings throne.  

As Straxus, Vael and Portia make their way to the pier, Straxus explains that it might be best if Portia leaves.  After a while Volka appears on deck and declares that she is taking the throne from Barvasi.  She denies Straxus that she be taken into justice and Straxus resigns.  He then meets the Dragon and they discuss how it may be of help to him.  

Psuedodragon: Majenko

Portia makes her way home to cat calls and what not before making it home to find tommy.  Tommy asks a few questions but easily takes the hint that portia is not in the mood.  Tommy seeks out Valentine while Portia makes her way to the Study with Anders.  She speaks with Anders about the night's events.  Ander’s attempts to help her by talking her through her emotions.

Straxus and Vael make their way to Volshyenek where straxus explains what took place and charges Vael with murder.  Vael refutes Cressida nearly has a stroke and commands that Straxus take an administrative leave and that Vael be taken to a cell.  Straxus then makes his way to the Amor residence.  En route Straxus speaks with the Dragon on Barvasi.  It is found that Barvasi might have kept notes on his various deals.  

Straxus and Portia talk of how fucked up things seem to have gotten.  Straxus is torn up over the whole thing but in the end He makes his way into portia’s house.  

Things go back to Volka.  There she intimidates the thugs into her service.  She takes over stunningly.  Demanding that taxes be paid and make herself Nithling: Queen of the Void.


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