The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 8

Neth 22nd, 4707

Party begins in battle in the butcher shop.  Straxus closed the distance with Vael leaving portia and Volka to go around.  After clearing the workshop, Straxus offers they should secure the men then downed.  He offers they secure them to the meat hooks.  They look about the rest of the first floor only to find animal pens.  Then they begin to make their way up the stairs.  There Portia knocks on a door and says a few things.  The party then talks Vancaskerkin down and he surrenders.  He comes out weapons dropped.  Straxus binds his arms behind him elbows to wrist then they take him down to his men.  They speak and it is true that he had no idea what the Cow Hammers were up to.  Straxus and Volka bind the men into a chain gang.  Portia and Vael stay behind to search the room and only find papers regarding the shop from when it was legit a silver dagger and a spear.  Volka takes what the men have, weapons, arrows, and gold.  The party makes their way back to Volshyenek.  However Vancaskerkin does seem to be hiding something about who set up the food deals.  They meet up with Rossi who offers to take them in.  The party make their way to the Field Marshal.  As they leave Straxus remains behind to request to join the guard.  Cressida agrees and writes up his conscript then sends him off.  

The Girls make their way back to Amor house where they enjoy food, sleep, and baths, in some order or another.  The next day Reginald finds a family for yet another orphan and reports it to Portia then prepares and adventuring outfit for Portia.

Volka leaves her bath after waking and then makes his way to Tommy to work on his reading.

The girls make their way to the Citadel for a new job.  Straxus is called up and introduced.  

Vancarlo Orisini- Chin Beard – Most respected and renowned teachers of Swordplay- against the queen – a endless flirt

Field Marshal explains that the man knows a lot about the cities mood.  Cressida explains Darvayne Gios Amprei.  An ambassador who disdains Korvosa.  A man who openly worked a deal that would help, but instead seeks to undermine economy.  Swordmaster knows that the man frequents Eels End.  She wants us to go to Eel’s Inn and get dirt on the Ambassador.  

Devargo Barvasi “King of Spiders” – Crimelord – Runs several vice dens.
Darvayne Gios Amprei – Cheliax Ambassador


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