The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 7

Neth 21st, 4707

Weather: Inclement weather
Temperature: High 37 F/ Low 17 F
Wind Speed: 2 mph
Precipitation: 6 hours of Rain
Straxus moves to the man who was knocked out.  He gathers him up and looks him over.  He is a commoner middle aged.  Possible dock worker or the like.  He is pretty beaten up.  Straxus attempts to heal the man up taking an hour to make some makeshift bandages.  Then picking the man up he begins making his way to Portia.  En Route he is stopped by a guard who insists that they make their way to Volshyenek.  Straxus agrees and offloads the man into the other guards care.  

Guard that Stops Straxus Grady Doosh

Upon arrival they meet a woman.  She commands the man to the infirmary, and Straxus to rest.  He refuses in light of going to the armory to polish swords.

Back at the Amor residence a messenger is sent out to gather the party.  They pack up and make their way to Volshyenek.  They move to the infirmary to speak with the man. The man explains he was jumped by the Cow Hammers for not doing nothing, but the Cow Hammers believed he would.  Portia asks why he thought they would jump him.  He is not a “Solly”  and he doesn’t know anything about Cow Hammerboys.  Beat him for being around the Docks.  He is a fisherman.  He was working on grouping up with his co workers to talk to the captain.  Not to form a union just to seek more wages. Volka promises the man vengeance if not Justice.  

Beat up Commoner- has two kids

Party decides to assault at night, they want to catch out whoever may leave this night to lessen their numbers and then assault the butcher shop. The men typically leave around 1am.  

Office woman @ Volshyenek – Alaina Denafrio

Portia meets with the fieldmarshal about attempting to continue the distribution efforts after Vankaskerkin is brought in.  Portia continues to work the idea and the Fieldmarshal works with her on it.  They work out that Vael’s butcher could be brought in to help work some sort of distribution effort.  Portia agrees to speak with the butcher.  The Fieldmarshal wants to put the queens banner behind the operation.  The party separates.

Straxus goes off to purchase the arrows.  

The ladies move to Bah Bah butcher to discuss the distribution of free meet with Mr. Corleone.  Vael asks if he would like to pick up the slack of “All the World’s Meat”  once Vancaskerson is taken down.  The Butcher thinks on it a bit and then agrees with provisions.  He asks that guards be assigned for his protection.  He explains he attempted woodworking but did a poor job.   He made toys for the kids (Really shitty).  

Straxus returns home and is immediately accosted by Tommy wanted to see his new arrows.  He begs to hold and arrow and Straxus says no.  He begs and Straxus takes the moment to work on his manners before going to speak with Valentine about the kids.  They discuss that the grownups are going out.  Then Straxus goes to the couch and hands tommy his bow and arrow.  Tommy fails to even draw the bow.

The girls go to Volka’s brothers to say a possible goodbye.  They also talk business.  

The girls return home to find Tommy playing with Straxus’s Bow.  Straxus insists on returning the coin to Portia, who after denying it once finally agrees to hold on to it.  Straxus then drops an f-bomb in asking about Tommy’s mother.  The conversation becomes tense as it's confirmed that the woman was Tommy’s mother.  The group agrees to try and search her out.  Tommy also explains that she didn’t give him away that he was abducted while trying to get bread.  Straxus ushers the other off to bed.


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