The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 5a

Neth 17th, 4707

The party begins the session just outside the Temple of Sarenrae.  The party makes their way to All The World's Meat.  A laughing cow sign sits above the building.  What was once boarded windows are now unboarded.  As the party approaches they see people moving about with packages. There are some lights in the building but none in the front.  Vael seeing a need for food but there is no answer.  The party decides to leave and Straxus remains.  The party splits leaving Straxus to go to Baah Baah Butchers.  As they travel they notice groups of people still in unrest.  They happen across a Sable Company Marine.  He warns them of the danger in the night and advises them to return home.  He offers to escort them home.  He tells them most of the shops are rare with stock due to the trade roads being blocked off.  They introduce themselves.  

Leonardo Vicenza – Sable Company Marine
Mr. Corleone – Vael’s Butcher

The party arrives at Vael’s butcher to find them closed for the night.  The butcher explains that he is out of stock and advises Vael that she should leave the city for their safety.  The party asks if there is anything the party could do.  The man does not believe they could be much help.  Portia tells him that she runs an orphanage and the man offers for them to return later without the Marine.  Volka tries to usher them off as the man invites them to tea.  Volka has a theory that maybe the packages contained human meat of the recently dead from the butcher shop.  The officer also speaks that most of the food stuffs have moved into black market sales.  Then the marine finishes escorting them to the house.  Then Vael moves to identify the parties magical loots.  Then the party begins to divvy out the loot.


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