The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 5

Neth 18th, 4707

Straxus wakes early to see a man selling livestock to the men at the butcher.  As the purchaser makes their way in a group of poor looking people begin to crowd the shop.  The group meanwhile has a breakfast and talks over Tommy and Vael’s butcher.  Then the party leaves to go to Vael’s butcher for tea.  Then the party splits again as Volka seeks to check on Straxus and Vael and Portia go to the butcher for tea.  As the couple speak with the butcher he speaks of the dealer.  A man who can get them food on the shade.  Then he warns of the cultist, wererats, and other dangers in the area.  He says that the Cultist of undead.

As the day goes on these poor people move in and out of the shop, entering without, and leaving with bundles of food.  The traffic is heaviest in the morning as it seems first come first serve.  As the day goes on, the crowds get less and less.

Volka meets with Straxus after encountering another deserter.  She knocks him out and she gathers straxus.  They meet with the man and take him back to Volshnyk.  There they get permission to acquire meat as part of their investigation.  They they return to “All the World's Meat” where they are given a single satchel of meat for free and then told to leave.  Vael requests more but is denied by the men.  She leaves and then after handing off the meat to Volka she rejoins the line only to be threatened if she did not leave.  Volka and Vael then get into an argument.  Portia then defuses the argument and sends them home.  Straxus remains at the shop watching.  Vael returns to Portia’s house with the meat and then leaves to meet “Dealer”.  Portia has a conversation about their argument.  Portia calms Volka and then looks for Vael only to find that she is gone off to the dock.  Portia then tries to find her, and Volka leaves to find Straxus.  

Vael goes to the docks to meet Dealer, and meets with a snake oil salesman.  There she is hawked a cheap perfume.  There she gets in an innocent argument about the contents of the perfume.  After selling the man the darkwood case she waits for this “Dealer” to come only to meet up with Portia.  Then they have a conversation about working together and come to ?Terms?.  

The Dealer arrives on his skiff around 11:00 pm, with food that he begins selling.  They haggle and work towards a deal with many dry goods.  Vael demands to inspect the wares before making a deal.  Vael insults the wares and demands a lower price.  They settle at 500 gold shields for the boat of food.  Suddenly the sounds of angry people begin roaring.  Portia hands him the chelish ingot and it isn’t enough.  They decide not to make the purchase tonight and instead plan for tomorrow night.  Portia demands the ingot back and they make their way back to the manor.


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