The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 4a

Neth 16th, 4707

Weather: Normal weather
Temperature: High 40 F/ Low 22 F
Wind Speed: 8 mph
Precipitation: None

The game starts around Dusk on the 16th of Neth.  Portia seeks out Anders to discuss the intent of creating a militia of sorts to attempt to bring order to their surroundings.  She attempts to convince him to stay home and safe.  He agrees that staying home is a sound idea.  Anders decides that to keep the children in line he must attempt to be more like them.  Calling for tommy as “little Shit”  Portia writes it off as a mistake.  She denies him lowering his standards for the sake of the children that he should attempt to bring them back up to his level.  Straxus speaks with Portia that they should decide their stance on all the current political issues.  They meet in the dining room and Vael insists on tea.  Volka speaks of her failure to find a legal president for milita.  Vael and Volka begin to argue the merits of militia verse a vigilante group.  The group continues to talk about their “Lack” of options and Straxus intones that idle lead to no resolution.  Vael agrees that without action the children could never be safe.  They decide to discuss their standpoint on the queen and king and their standpoint on the political issue.  After a long discussion on their standpoint they agree that nobody agrees on anything.  Straxus then advises the group they should seek to align themselves with the guard.  The agree to rest for the night then make their way to the citadel in the morning. 

Queen Ileosa Arabasti- Chelaxian Noble, Quick marriage, Strict but kind (Portia) quite young.  Not very public in her appearances.  Known for expensive tastes.   Nobles support her however there is no strong bond of friendship.  Common people are not too fond of her.  

King Eodred Arabasti II- Womanizer, His ideals on economy became thrifty, his actions were seen as her fault.  It is thought that Aodread was unfaithful.  Korvosa was founded by cheliax 300 years ago.  It is not true that every monarch meets a terrible end.  But there is enough to endorse the rumor.  Feared by all the right people.  No heir to throne.  Older, married late in life.  King is known to have failing health in the past few months.  Now that he is dead the throne moves to her. 

Seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis:  noble families are happy with his intervention while the king was ill. 

Some for the King
The King was Right
Some for the Queen
The Queen rules by might


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