The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 4

Neth 17th, 4707

Straxus wakes early and moves out to wake the party only to find that Portia is awake as is Vael.  Straxus moves to wake Volka, help her don her armor and they make their way to the kitchen.   Portia alerts Anders she is leaving.  As they make their way to Citadel Volshynek they come across a haggard looking old man that grabs on to Portia. 

 “They eye of grotus has turned from the boneyard to korvosa.”  He demands we leave the city for our own sake.  

Volka en-spells the man and Portia pushes him over.  The party passes the gold market and looting is evident.  The party makes it to the Citadel. Portia asks to speak to Rossy.  Portia speaks with Rossy about the evidence found in Lamm’s hideout.  Rossy takes the ledger and then asks for proof in the manner of the brooch.  Once he has it he explains it is the queen's brooch and advises that they return it to the castle.  He then offers to take the ledger to his superiors to clear her husband's name.  Straxus requests the escort to assist them to the castle.  They agree to send a guard with the party to the castle.  They make small talk on their way to the castle.  

Ray Romano: Guard escort.  He hears ……………(Bullshit)

Volka and Straxus muse about how Gaedrin came across the brooch and Vael determines that it was an item that was just out right stolen from one who handles the queens affairs.   The party makes their way to the castle and show the brooch to the guard.  They agree it looks like the queens.  The party relinquishes their arms and makes their way into the castle.  There they meet Sabrina. She has a warrior's face and strong build.  She asks of the brooch and Portia shows it.  She calls down the guards and asks how she should announce them.  The party vie’s for their name.  The queen sits upon the Crimson throne as they enter.  The throne room is very opulent and imposing.  As she sits there is a silver coffer in her hands and she is dressed in mourning garb.  The party is announced as Portia’s retinue by their name.  She explains that the brooch was stolen long ago and she had thought it gone.  She speaks of how it is a good thing they have done.  She explains how bad it is right now.  She offers that the party could help the guard.  She offers that Sabrina gives them a contingent of the guards to escort them and become one of the guard.  The party is awarded by a silver coffer with 12 gold ingots inside. (1000 gp)

As we enter Volshyenek a dark haired woman approaches.  Field Marshal Cressida Kroft meets them, thanks the escort and asks the party to follow her.  She asks their names and confirms their story.  She asks them to work as agents of the guard and the party agrees.  She states that many of the guards have defected.  She tells of a man named Verik Vancaskerskin who has convinced a few other guards to start a gang.  They are in an abandoned butcher shop in Northgate.  “All the world's meat.”  Do our best not to kill them but if impossible kill and return with proof.  Try to find out if there was more to his defection than self gain.  500 gp bounty alive, half if dead.  

Verik is known to be an accomplished fighter and good with a bow and spear.  Very intimidating.  Human from Riddleport.  Straxus advises that a night assault would work as the human would struggle in the dark and asks of commissions from the guard.  The party thinks they should case the joint to see what is going on.  Straxus advises that he would not be very helpful in this as he is fairly obvious.  Portia then asks about the children.  Seeing if the guards would help to find the children.  Cressida offers to take the children off Portia’s hands to process them.  They finally agree to wait.  

The party moves back to Portia’s house and discuss what to do with all the loot.  (post Game)

Party hates david for colorblindness

The party decides to make their way to the church of Sarenrae.  The party encounters a mob roughing up a noble.  Straxus rumbles “enough” just in time to keep the man alive and Volka interjects.  With a stern gaze Volka backs them down.  They offer to guide the man home.

Amin Jalento: noble that lives in the heights and has no idea how a “Mob” snuck up on him.

The party makes their way to the temple and Straxus rushes in looking for his mother and theo.  He finds the first and she quickly pulls him down and away from sight.  She accuses him of prostituting with the three others.  Portia takes great offense.  They go back and forth being very quippy.  Straxus then puts his foot down and says he is leaving the church to join the guard.  She changes her tune then but does not back down from Portia.  The party then meets up with Theo and it becomes awkward.


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