The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 3

Neth 16th, 4707

Weather: Normal weather
Temperature: High 40 F/ Low 22 F
Wind Speed: 8 mph
Precipitation: None

The party makes their way to Portia’s house through the riots in the streets.  People stand at mixed opinions between long live the queen, or hang the queen.  They see a noble being stripped and robbed as they pass.  Anders greets them with disbelief as all the children and people enter the house.  A rock is thrown into the window as they enter.  There is riot all around them.  Valentine works to calm and befriend the other children while Tommy attempts a more authoritative role. Portia instructs Luceil to keep the children quiet and calm.  Volka voices her concern for her brother and Straxus attempts to go and retrieve him.  Straxus makes it to Iron Hand Arms to gather his brother but fails.  The man is too holed up in his shop.  He takes the pendant from Straxus and Strax makes his way back to Portia’s.  Straxus is accosted by the racist guards and convinces them to hide in the trash.  Straxus returns and tells Volka of her brothers safety.  Volka speaks shop with Anders.  Straxus convinces tommy to join him as lookout.  With Tommy occupied the night goes by ………. Quietly.

Portia’s Pomeranian:  Tickles

The party wakes to breakfast to find Straxus holding Tommy’s sleeping form and having been up the entire night.  After relieving Straxus of Tommy Volka helps Straxus to the kitchen where they begin breakfast and discuss the plan to check their affairs.  Volka and Vael agree to leave while they demand Straxus attempt to sleep.  Straxus initially refuses saying he needs to go home and check on his mother and friend.  After arguing for a moment they agree that Straxus will stay and sleep and they will return later to check on Strax before heading to the temple.  Portia awakes and they find that Tickles is upset.  Poppy takes a handful of straxus plate as portia comes to eat.  She commands Reginald to find more seats.  Straxus having finished his meal makes his way to Tommy’s couch and falls asleep.  Portia plans to help her husband wheel and deal.  Portia decides not to join Vael and Volka.  

Volka and Vael decide to head to Vael’s first.  They encounter small pockets of chaos in the streets “Riots”.  The fires have all but subsided as they make their way to Vael’s.  En route Volka notices a cloud of crows/starlings that actually turn out to be a cloud of house drakes and imps fighting in the sky.  As they travel the cloud of imps makes its way down into their area and they are attacked by three imps.  Volka and Vael attempt to escape the imps but Volka fails.  Giving way to combat Vael opens up with a devastating color spray and the party lays low two of the three imps.  However the last one breaks the enchantment and stings Volka poisoning her 2 dex damage.  They continue to combat the lone imp but find that they muddled by poor attacks.  As they continue to fight the imp begins to regenerate.   Vael after a series of missed hits finally lands a blow on the imp.  The imp hisses at Vael and then stings her but fails to poison her.  Volka fends off the poison as they continue to miss their attacks.  As the Imp continues to fight a house drake swoops down to attack the imp and kills the imp.  Then it lands on Volka and with its power heals her of some of her wounds then does the same for Vael then after chirping at them flies back to the battle above.  They make their way to Vael’s apartment unaccosted after the battle.  The bottom floors of the apartment seem damaged but her apartment was spared due to it being on the second floor.  Vael gathers her items and cat before leaving for Ironhand arms.
As they continue they encounter a Hellknight who orders them back indoors.  The Hellknight escorts them to her brothers shop.  Volka offers a dead imp to him but the Hellknight sperns it.  Her brother Harsk allows them in and complains of Straxus.  The Hellknight leaves them.  Harsk complains that the humans are up in arms about the king being dead.  He explains that Ileosa killed the king and took the crimson throne.  The king was known for his “dalliances”.  Harsk states they will stay here but Vael objects stating that they must get back to Valentine.  They argue but Vael rejects the idea.  Volka commands her brother to keep the door locked essentially trapping Vael.  Vael begins cleaning and messing up the forge while Harsk goes to get beverages.

Straxus wakes to find Portia and her husband planning an outing and then attempts to talk her out of it.  He leaves to find Tommy outside harassing Valentine.  Straxus talks them both down and instructs them to keep an eye on the other children while he goes out to check on Volka and Vael.  He gathers them and returns to Portia’s.  They see the kids then meet in private to discuss them.  They plan to see if any of the parents Vael knew can claim some children.  The party continues to discuss and decide they have to do something about the riot.  Straxus offers to join forces with the guard, Volka the hellknights, and Portia and Vael offer to begin trying to do it on their own.


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