The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 23

Kuthona 6th, 4707

The session begins in the Amor residence with Tommy running into Portia’s room.  There he excitedly explains that its snowing.  He continues how cool it is that he is able to go play in it because for once he has clothes to wear.  

Next at Eel’s End Nifling calls for a meeting.  Straxus is tasked with ensuring that any scavengers of the plague ship regret their intent.  Karsk is tasked with looking out for king.  And the Pyro is told to put a pin in the idea of burning the grey maidens. The conversation moves to Volka and Straxus where she refuses Straxus’s request to inform his mother that he is dead.  She says that he can tell her or Volka will.  Straxus acquiesces and lets her know that he would attempt to visit her in the evening.  

We move then to Mallory at the temple of Saenra where he looks around at the coming and going of people only to find that the bad weather has kinda stimmed it.  Mallory begins working on a potion.

Focus shifts to Portia as they watch Tommy play in the garden.  They think on how odd it is that Tommy is so excited about warm cloths for the winter and they contemplate its meaning.

Focus shifts to Harsk and Vidar.  They begin preparations to work the Bullette Plates.Vidar assists where he can and then makes his way to Portia’s.

Portia is met by an older a guards uniform.  He asks if she knows the field marshal.  The man is there seeking help for his niece who is sick.  Portia explains that she might know of someone who can help the man instead of seeking aid at the Temple of Abadar.  As she speaks to him she see’s Vidar making his way to the Amor residence.  The guard is Fuldado Groul.  A watch sergeant with the guard.  Portia invites them in.  Groul speaks about Straxus.  We also find out that Rossy is ill as well.  Portia asks if Vidar could fetch Mallory.  Groul apologizes about his use of superlatives and then takes his leave with Vidar heading to the Citadel. 

Mallory fails his potion and makes his way to the Citadel to work and seek aid from Portia’s aunt  - Falstina – in regards to potion making.  Falstina is found hovering around those who are ill who have been quarantined from others due to the inability to heal the malady.  Mallory inquires if there are any updates on the illness and she explains that it is a very fine creation.  It is known now that it is very resistant to most magics.  Falstina explains that the red spots seem to be a form of Decay.  They have splotchy red rashes that people are scratching til they bleed.  They move to speak to Rossy to answer any questions?  Rossy first explains he feels Hot in the head.  He can’t keep any food down.  States it taste like ashe.  As Mallory is working, the focus shifts back to Vidar and Groul.  He explains many things have changed.  Promotions to those who are loyal to the queen, and he is not enjoying the new changes. Vidar points out Mallory to Groul.  He then vouches for his character.  Groul implores Mallory for aid for his neice who is ill with the strange illness.  Mallory agree’s to follow Groul and Vidar offers to follow.  

Focus shifts to Volka and Straxus who are mostly going through the motions.  Straxus notices that a few people are begining to be sick and relays that to Volka.  Volka and Straxus decide to make their way to Portia’s.  Once there they find Tommy playing with the help while Portia and Anders are inside.  There Straxus has the idea to see if Majenko could locate Vidar and Mallory.  After some smooth talking Majenko agrees.  After Majenko agrees Straxus moves outside to cut wood while Portia and Volka talk of things going on.  Volka seeks Portia’s library.  Straxus makes his way outside to cut wood for Portia and runs into Valentine and Tommy roughhousing.  He breaks it up and talks with the kids abit.  At the end he lets the kids off to go play but not before dropping an icicle down Valentines Shirt.  

Things go to Vidar and Mallory as they travel to Trail’s End.  There Majenko meets up with Vidar and relays that the party wishes to meet up.  Vidar insults him about being fat.  Then Mallory introduces himself.  

Majenko finaly returns explaining that Vidar and Mallory are heading to Trails End.  Portia, Straxus, and Volka decide to meet them there.  While they are en route Vidar and Mallory make their way there and get to the North Bridge.  There Mallory’s curse enacts making a crude lie about the queen's dress, however the Maidens ignore the remark and they make their way on.  Once at Trails end they come to what can only be called a worse slum than old Korvosa.  Much of the area is ramshackle and …. Temporary.  Mallory makes his way to the house in question to seek Soldado’s Niece.  She is a poor woman and looks lean.  There are two children playing in the livingroom and above the sound of a soft coughing.  In the kitchen is an acolyte of Abadar.  He is currently brewing something with cinnamon and anise seed. Mallory introduces himself and looks at what the acolyte is brewing.  He claims it is a healing potion.  Mallory inspects and doesn’t seem to see to agree. Mallory inquires if others are in contact with the child who is ill.  She denies that the other children have gone near her.  She takes them upstairs and they see a bedroom loft with a young girl in one of the three beds.  Very slight and small, she has many of the red rashes that have been seen around.  She groans and moves uncomfortably constantly.  And coughs violently. She has been ill for a few days.  Mallory begins to recall his medical and magical training to see if he can ascertain anything about the child's illness and only comes up with little more than what is already known, however it is clear the child is an advanced case.  Vidar asks if Brianna plays near the water often but Tayce says no more than others.  She says that the children have been to the city to do a little begging.  Tayce also says that none of Brianna’s friends have become ill as well.  She was buying solstice gifts for her family after getting some good coin from begging.  Tayce explains that she sleeps downstairs by herself on the floor and the girl was attempting to get blankets and such for her family.  Brianna was already sick when the plague ship was downed.  After much discussion, Volka pays for a casting of remove disease after requesting that Tayce act as an informant in Trail’s end.  She agrees.  

Tayce – Soldado’s sister

Brianna – Soldado’s Niece – 7 years old


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