The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 22

Kuthona 5th, 4707

The game begins with the parties majority in the morning.  With Portia and Trinia sleeping in the carriage and Volka and the men outside.  Vidar wakes first and begins to tend to the camp.  Volka and Mallory wake and discuss how things are going.  Vidar field dresses the horse for breakfast.  Volka apologizes for the loss of horses.  As Straxus arrives they begin talking on the plan.  Finally it is decided that the party will push the wagon to Trots.  There Straxus asks Volka to acquire a saw.  They have a discussion and it is found that Mallory can simply make them.  The party breaks with Straxus and Volka leaving and The rest of the party making their way into the tavern.  

The group meets Jason the would be sarroget of Trinia.  There Vidar gives him the 6th degree on who and what he is and his intentions of Trinia.  They find he is a ranch and that his plans are to train trinia in riding.  Once finished they take drinks.  Then at the end Jason Adreal stands and tells Trinia to say her goodbyes.  She gives Vidar many thank yous for all his time spent with her and he reciprocates.

Volka sits in the woods with Straxus performing the deed.  30 painful min go by while Volka helps straxus.  Then She finally asks.  Straxus explains his anger at Tito, and most other humans.  Straxus explains that he realizes now that the straight and narrow doesn’t get anything done.  Straxus now believes that the only way to turn things around is to get his hands dirty.  He asks Volka to get a cast of his horns though not why.  Then Volka thanks him for joining her in the darkness to do what is right.  

Volka returns to the Town and seeks out Vencarlo.  She explains that Straxus is seeking Black Jack.  Volka gets the idea that Straxus may be seeking to fix the city from the shadows.  Vencarlo explains that Black Jack was an act of nessessity.  That it was done so he could help people without damaging his name.  He suggests that if Straxus is truely cutting all ties. He simply needs to begin helping those around them.  Vencarlo explains that he is leaving them to go on ahead to keep appearances.  

While in town Mallory’s curse inacts again and an older man demands to know what the halfling said about his mother.  The man accosts Mallory.  Portia attempts to help by talking the man down.  Then Mallory asks about potions kinda drunkenly.  Its kinda strange.

Once back in Korvosa, Vidar and Volka make their way to Ironhand Armory to deliever the Bulette plates.  Harsk can’t believe his eyes.  Then Volka introduces Vidar to Harsk.  Harsk demands to craft it to full plate.  He also offers to make armor for Portia and Mallory.  They continue to talk about adventuring.  He asks if Portia is skilled in enchantment.  She declines.  Volka asks if Vidar would like to remain and help Harsk in crafting the armor.  Vidar flatters Harsk and he beems.  

Mallory returns to the temple with his cauldron and then finds that there is a particular nasty strand of flu going around.  He does his best to help those seeking aid from the temple and then makes his way back to the cauldron to brew a potion.

Straxus makes his way to Eel’s End where he is put under Rost’s command.  He is given the task to find and watch “The King”, a thug on the docks in Old Korvosa.  Straxus makes his way to the alleys and begins his task

Portia returns home and is greeted happily by her family and Majenko.  She explains that the adventure was pretty tame and things went well.  They talk about desert and tommy explains that he is working hard on swords and …..  Portia decides to drop it for now.  They eat cake. 

Vidar goes to the citadel.  There he requests a meeting with Kressida.  He is asked if he has an appointment and Vidar simply requests a personal meeting.  Vidar asks if she be told that “The North Man” needs to see her and is accepted.  The door is closed and Kressida listens to it to see if they are ‘alone’.  She explains that the HellKnights are transitioning out of the city.  Vidar then seeks from Croft if there is a severance pay.  He explains that he is poor and homeless and in need of funds to get afloat.  She offers her own money and calls it an order for the sake of Vidar’s pride.  She demands he takes it forcibly.  And so he agrees.  Vidar leaves beaming.  

The next morning, Tommy rushes to wake Portia telling her about how Pirates were sunk in the River.  He says that a guard tower sunk the ship in the River.  During the meeting with the enforcers and Volka they talk of a haunted ship in the River.  Volka gathers Straxus.  Mallory is working at the Citadel.  He heard the shots the night before.  As he is eating he hears rumors that the guards shot down a pirate ship from riddle port trying to sneak into the city.


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