The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 21

Kuthona 3rd, 4707

The party starts by disguising Trinia.  Portia requests Vidar gather the goods but is turned down.  

Trinia is going to Trots so she can make it to Harse however the party will not be accompanying her after Trots.  

Volka makes her way to Lily.  There he shows her the gold.  Lily lets her in.  She explains her situation to Volka, about the children and the money.  She explains tito.  Volka suggests she take the money to leave the city.  She also suggests that should Lily ever need any help and have no one else to turn to come to eels end.  

Back at Orisini academy Straxus begins to look over the carriage for a place to hide.  Then Mallory offers that Straxus should move ahead and meet the party on the road.  So Straxus does.  With many successful skill checks he does make it out of the city.  

Volka returns to the Academy and asks to speak with Vidar.  There she asks him to calm down on Straxus.  Vidar explains that he is in the fact that he has not turned Straxus in.  Volka trys to convey that Straxus is deserving of some (Pity)  But Vidar explains that he will tolerate Straxus but until he makes amends he will do nothing more.  Volka concedes. 

Mallory is found with Portia and Trinia speaking to her about her art.  Finding interest in one Trinia offers to leave him one that he enjoys.  She says it is payment for helping her.  

The group gathers and they prepare to leave.  Mallory and Volka enter the wagon.  Trinia is dubbed Peg, a boring and quiet maid of Portia.  She and Portia enter the wagon aswell and Vidar offers to remain outside with Vencarlo.  Then Vidar and Trinia begin flirting again.  They make their way to the docks to gather the goods.  No riots and streets are calm.  People talk of the execution and the queens new guard as well as Straxus’s breakout.  They make it to the docks warehouse.  Portia handles the gathering of the goods.  It takes 30 min to load the carriage.  Volka and Vencarlo talk of revolution.

As the party makes their way to the bridge Mallory’s curse enacts causing one of the Grey Maidens to take notice.  She assails him condemning him for speaking ill of the Queen.  She accosts him, eventually kicking him before moving on.  Volka praises Mallory for distracting the maiden from pearing in the carriage.  Then the party moves off and meets up with Straxus.  Trinia then pulls an instrument and begins playing.

Trinia asks of Volka being taken or at least pretty in the eyes of other Dwarves.  Then the conversation continues to others love interests.  They find that Vencarlo does like Kroft.  We find that she is an accomplished adventurer who even fought at Belkazin.

En Route to Trots the party continues conversations about who and what.  Volka fails to find if Straxus has a love interest.  Straxus then inquires how Mallory knows him speaking of how Straxus used to protect the children he used to grow up with.  They talk of the king's death and then Straxus brings up that Trinia may need to pursue alternate means of living.  While travelling the party then encounters a trio of hippogriff.  Straxus remains behind after downing the Hippogriffs to attempt to convert it to his animal companion.  The party presses on only to encounter a landshark.  It quickly dispatches the horses but finds the party a much tougher meal and dies to Vencarlo’s blade in the end.


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