The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 20

Kuthona 3rd, 4707

A week had passed since the failed execution of Trinia.  The periodicals speak of the guards failures, and how Blackjack is a true villain.  Others paint another picture painting Blackjack as a hero.

Vidar during his week of downtime checked in with Straxus and Cressida post failed execution and then spent time training Mallory and possibly Trinia in swordsplay.  Vidar also curbed his tutoring in a way to emphasize Mallorys skills.  Vidar also coined the nickname cadet Patoot.

Mallory would train as hard as he could under Vidar’s tutorlage during his week.  Also he spent time trying to speak with Volka.  Beyond training his time is spent at the Citadel performing healing tasks.  During training there are some occasional mishaps including farting at strange times, 

Portia spent some of her time to work with Anders to try and get business up and flowing again.  By the end of the week the rest of the children had been placed.  Leaving only Tommy as the sole child in the house.  

Volka spent the week moving things into her new base of operations.  And looking for any return on the bounty for information on the Shoanti’s killer. 

The game begins in the middle of the day at Portia’s House.  Straxus and Tommy sit in the living room going over the finer points of bow care.  Vidar and Volka are playign a board game, and Portia and Anders are talking.  Tommy looks to Straxus as he works and Straxus feels the need to throw the harrow.  As time continues the need intensifies.  And so a Harrowing begins.  

Volka        The Betrayal            
Vidar        The Desert            
Portia        The Mute Hag            
Mallory        The Mountain Man        
Starxus        The joke            

The Spread
The Queen Mother
The Liar
The Marriage

a terrible union of foul folk…their sought dangerous knowledge, obtained it, and now…their union gives birth to darkness

The Idiot
The Survivor
The Betrayal

in the absence of good, peace, and light what grows to power are fools, the powers of darkness and death, and gray servants of such foul harbingers

The Future
The Avalanche
The Crows
The Keep

Loved ones lost, stolen by the darkness…The darkness ensconced safely, protected. You must stop it, it can be stopped but if you do not….the entire. city. will be….crushed

As the harrowing ends it leaves Straxus confused and not remembering what transpired.  Portia then asks what the plan was next.  However there doesn’t seem to be one.  As the party talks there is a hurried knock at the door.  There looking for the party is Cressida.  There she explains the Sable Company has been disbanded and Straxus and Vidar have been fired from the guard.  Straxus, angered, throws his badge to the table and storms out.  They continue to talk about how Vencarlo wants to move Trinia out of the city for her safety.  Volka recenters the party demanding that with or without titles they must continue to act as heros to thwart whatever evil was prophesied.  Cressida tells of her time as an adventurer and how she still sees them as friends.  She moves to leave and Vidar intercepts to hug her.  

Straxus makes his way to the Shingles and there begins to “Hunt” Tito.  Waiting til he is behind a few drinks he tracks him to his home and then confronts him.  The fight continues almost taking them both before Volka, Mallory, and two grey maidens enter the scene.  The fight is over and Straxus and Tito give up the bout.  They are taken to the Citadel and incarcerated

Vidar visits with Vencarlo and Trinia.  Then Vidar moves to drink.

Volka and Mallory make their way to Eel’s End.  Volka commands the lt.’s to come.  There we meet with Krask and Jean Claude, Violet, and Kole.  For an emergency meeting.  


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