The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 2

Neth 15th, 4707

Weather: Inclement weather
Temperature: High 59 F/ Low 47 F
Wind Speed: 0 mph
Precipitation: 2 hours of Fog

The party still finds themselves in combat as the session continues.  Vael with daughter in tow attempts to persuade the children to follow her to safety.  The Half orc attempts to draw a new weapon while still prone.  He draws a flail and attempts to attack Portia and hits taking Portia down.  Straxus calls out to Vael to return to the fight she makes her way back only to be hit by the flail.  Straxus pulls Portia back and gives her his only potion of cure light wounds.  Then noticing behind him an old acquaintance appear he calls out to Volka to join this disastrous fight.  Volka enters and with Vael’s help strikes the half orc low and with a final shot straxus buries an arrow in his head.  Then Volka strides to the Gnome and buries a pick in his chest.  Straxus explains that they were here to take Gaedren and then calls out to Vael who returned to the other room in the fishery to gather the children and her daughter.

Vael finds out that Gaedren is in fact here and that the dog borking is Gaedren’s dog Blue.  Gaedren is in fact downstairs.  Straxus checks on Portia as Volka searches the body.  Finding potions Straxus requests a potion for Portia and then moves to check on Toshiro and finds him dead.  Straxus puts him in a position of dignity then leaves the room in a rage.  Vael meanwhile attempts to wrangle the children and keeps Valentine close.  The group agrees to have the kids remain in the fishery while the group seeks to track down Gaedren.  Meanwhile Avoryl appears. The party locks the door and then makes their way to the right

The party makes their way down the pier into a dilapidated boat.  They open a door and then Volka makes her way in only to encounter a spider.  Volka becomes entangled by the spider's web and then bit for strength dmg. Avoryl begins a performance enhancing the parties combat ability and Volka breaking the web moves further in to make more room for the party.  She is again entangled and straxus taking a bullseye shot crits the spider, skewering it to the wall.  Volka continues to fight against her bonds but fails.  Straxus moves up to Volka to assist her in removing the webbing.  Vael casts spark to burn away the web and the webbing ignites.  Avoryl suggests the party continue down the stairs into the ship's hold.  Portia attempts to follow the party down trying to encourage the party to make their way down.  Volka makes her way down the stairs and notices a hold full of skittering creatures.

We killed spiders. Vael and Volka took str dmg.

They make their way past another pier this one low to the water in obviously shark infested waters.  Volka makes her way to the door and after three keys opens the door to reveal Lamm and his alligator.  Volka enters the room.  Straxus enters the room followed by Vael, Avoryl, and Portia.  Straxus tells Lamm to give up and the gator moves to attack Vael.  She attempts to daze the creature and fails, then attacks Vael.  The gator attempts to attack her in response and fails.
Volka speaks casting a spell announcing herself as a bastion of law.  Straxus levels his bow at Gaedren’s leg and fires slowing him down with an arrow to his thigh.  Lamm then fires off a bolt at the crock to make it angry.  Then Avoryl attempts to trip Gaedren and succeeds.  Portia greases Lamm’s crossbow forcing him to drop it.  The Gator moves to Avoryl to attempt to bite him and misses.  Volka moves up to the gator and misses it with her pick.  Straxus calls the party to focus the gator since Lamm is incapacitated.  He fires and hits the gator.  Vael turn her attentions on Lamm dazing him as she makes her way towards him.  Lamm pulls his dagger and attempts to cut his bonds.  Avoryl Drags Gaedren back as Portia enfeebles the Gator.  The gator in turn attempts to bite Volka missing.  Straxus fires another shot into Gaedren’s hand pinning it to the wall and forcing him to drop the dagger.  Gaedren yields asking to parlay.  Vael makes her way up attempting to pommel strike Gaedren and misses.  Avoryl disentangles his wipe and attempts to hit him to knock him out with non-lethal dmg.  Portia prepares her attack to hit the gator and tells that Gaedren will see no truce but instead can surrender.  Portia hits the gator with a glob of acid.  The gator breaches and attacks Gaedren hitting him and attempting to pull him under killing him.  Volka comments how his death was poetic.  Straxus and Portia attempt to finish off the enraged gator while the rest of the party either watches or moves to their own devices.  The gator attacks Vael and pulls her from the dock almost killing her.  Straxus fires one final shot into its back killing it.  Volka pulls the corpse to shore and the party loots the body.  Vael hurries to Valentine while Volka and Straxus attempt to get her to drink a potion.  The party then moves to loot the area.
They find 20 doses of shiver in a darkwood coffer.  Dumping the contents they keep the vials and the coffer.  The party opens the door to find a room that is pretty nasty.  They look about and find a ledger that holds many notes about his various crimes.  A hat box covered in flies reveals a head of a woman… Zolara… the varisian who did the reading. And straxus opens the chest.

The party makes their way back to the street in front of the fishery and begin to discuss the kids.  Volka seeks to turn them into the guard and the rest of the party seek to take them in.  Just then Vael and Straxus notice the city is aflame.  Straxus takes off to the temple and vael says “Oh fuck” and takes her potion.


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