The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 19

Neth 26th, 4707

The party begins at the Citadel as a tiny halfling seeks the temple to his god saenrea.  There he takes on the roll of a guard and is sent to seek sean the cleric.  Straxus bails him out after receiving healing. They exchange a few words about how Straxus is….. Famous?”  Then Straxus heads out toward Portia's with the halfling trailing behind him.

The vantage shifts to Vidar who wakes Trinia early and discusses the beauty of a sunrise.  They make their way to breakfast where Trinia confesses her feelings about the execution of someone in her stead.  They embraces and we talk about beards.

Vantage shifts to Volka at Eel’s end where she speaks to Roth (was afk)

Things shift back to Straxus and Mallory as Vidar arrives.  Vidar inquires about Mallory who just joined the guard.  Straxus agrees to meet up at Portia’s then take Mallory to The Temple.  Vidar cracks a joke about Straxus being hellspawn which bristles Straxus.  They part ways and Straxus and Mallory head to Portia's.  Once there they meet Tommy at the door.  Straxus gives him a nuggy and then they make their way to the kitchen.  Straxus introduces Mallory to Portia and then gathers Tommy for a trip to the temple.

Things shift back to Vidar who makes his way to Crofts office who finds herself with a little sleep under her belt.  Vidar asks that Mallory joins the group, and then goes into a report on the goings on in the Gray.  Croft agrees to adding Mallory to the squad.  She believes that Roth is still a problem.  She agrees the evidence should go to the party.  She requests that they keep an eye out for more strange necromantic goings on.  Determines that the Derro is an apprentice of Roths.  The Derro had an item (Robe of Bone) of a sinister nature.  The evidence is turned over to Vidar.  She also got an Imp from the Amor household about a specialist in necromancy.  


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