The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 18

Neth 25th, 4707

After subduing the Derro wizard, we find a thrashing torso and arm that appears to belong to the Shoanti boy we are tasked with recovering. Vidar goes and collects his remaining body parts from throughout the dungeon, while Volka and Portia search the rooms the wizard had been found. They find several personal items, which are added to the pile of evidence collected throughout the catacombs. Portia and friends reassemble the boy using magic and sewing supplies. They then head back to the alchemy room where all the former prisoners have been moved to, and open the final door. Vidar throws the door open to find some sort of undead monster, exuding some horrid stench, and holding the other arm of the child. Volka runs around it to trap it between herself and Vidar, upon which it smacks her with the boy’s arm.
The stench pours out of the room and the creature, nauseating Vidar and Portia for several seconds (so far, ugh). The carrion construct was vanquished by the heroes, Vidar and Portia sewed on the last arm of the boy’s corpse, all while Volka searched the room the creature had been in. Portia examined the creature’s spellbook and found no sort of illusion magic it could use to mask its identity, instead finding a name: Vreeg. The adventurers decided to take the captive Derro and the former prisoners back to the Citadel. Roth (Rolth? whatever) Lamm was nowhere to be found. On the way out, the acid trap activated once more, but luckily only Straxus, Portia, and Volka were harmed, and then only lightly. They escape into the fresh air of the Gray, Vidar releasing the citizens after taking down their names and addresses.
The party return to the Citadel, Vidar carrying the boy’s corpse wrapped up in sheets, Straxus carrying the unconscious Vreeg, and Volka carrying the sack of evidence. Rossi is flustered at Portia’s injured state and mothers her for a bit while the others go up to inform the Field Marshall of their progress. The Derro is imprisoned and the corpse brought down to Sean the cleric. The group reassembles once more to brief the Field Marshall.
Kroft shows the group a flyer/missive advertising the execution of Trinia Sabor the following evening. Kroft confirms that the real Trinia Sabor is still with Vencarlo safely, so the execution is some sort of spectacle being put on to satisfy the public’s lust for blood, we presume. Kroft asks us to go to observe, to keep an eye out for anything “out of sorts” and to contain any potential riot should something happen. Otherwise it is a purely surveillance mission.
Vidar has a nice conversation with Trinia, ensuring she’s ok and that she will continue to be.
Portia attempts to settle a dispute between Tommy and Anders before going for a bath.
Volka remains with the Field Marshall until Thousand Bones comes for his grandson’s body. She asks to enact revenge on the one who did this to his grandson, and I believe he accepts sorta maybe? She promises that everyone will know it was Nifling and not the Shoanti so they don't begin a cycle of violence and feuding that will cause more destruction than satisfaction.


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