The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 16

Neth 25th, 4707

The party finds themselves still in the catacombs beneith the Potters Ward in The Grey, having just slain skeletons and in combat with Derro. The fight continues as Straxus downs two of the Derro and one of the stirges that had attatched itself to Vidar’s beard.  As combat ends Vidar reprimands Straxus for his reckless shot.  Straxus accepts the reprimand and requests his orders.  He is told to hold the back and guard against suprise.  The party moves into a mudhole in the tunnels holding an Otugyh.  Combat begins.  Combat ends swiftly and the party searchs the pile of corpses to find a pair of legs that appear to be Shoanti native to the area and of similar age to the boy that died.  The party continues on to a trapped hallway.  Straxus moves in to try and disable however in the attempt the trap triggers spraying straxus with acid as two bone snakes with human skulls drop from the ceiling.  Straxus dips out of the hall and alerts the party to the guardians of the hall.  The party begins to fight it through the hallway.  Vidar drops his massive earthbreaker on the creature and then Straxus follows up with a blunt arrow killing it.  The second necro snake thing crawls up to Vidar and strikes him.  Vidar fights off the paralysis and drops the hammer on it aswell.  Combat ends.  The party makes their way down the hall into another room filled with alchemical reagents and a derro trying to clean the room.  Vidar enters the room and intimidates the creature.  Combat begins.  Party swarms the Derro and Vidar finishes it with an Aoo.  As the party enters the room they find many items.  Session ends by Vidar advising that taking anything from the room is technically tampering with evidence and against the law.


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