The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 15

Neth 25th, 4707

As the party makes their way to the Gray the come across more and more Shoanti.  The anger at the injustice plain on their face.  Once in the Gray the party makes their way to the Grand Cathedral of Pharasma.  Vidar gathers the attentions of a priest and leads him away from the main area.  The party purchases potions for the trip and then Vidar asks about the specific image that they are seeking. 

The party makes their way from the church to the mausoleum.  Straxus looks about to find tracks of a wheelbarrow and human tracks heading into the mausoleum and a large amount of “small” tracks.   As they look about Straxus finds a trapdoor behind the gargoyle.  Portia opens the hatch with a spell and then drops a rock down the shaft with light cast on it.  Vidar makes his way down the shaft followed by Straxus and Portia.  They make their way into a crypt and as Straxus advises the party to come in.  As they do skeletons rise from bone pits to acost the party.  A single owlbear skeleton from the east and four skeletons from the west.

The Party completes the combat with the skeletons and Straxus makes his way forward further into the catacombs as the group continues to look about the crypt.  As Straxus is scouting ahead he kicks a rock down the tunnel alerting a nearby enemy of their presence.  The creature comes up and casts some sort of magic at Straxus doing some sort of sonic damage.  Straxus turns back and runs alerting also the bugs feeding on a corpse to the party.  As Straxus returns to the tunnel split he sees into the darkness and a small creature comes up behind Portia hitting with a crossbow.  As volka turns the corner finds out they are fighting a Derro.  Straxus pushes past the darkness to find the Derro lair.  There he finds a maze as a rat pops its head up over.  Straxus fires an arrow and kills it, because Fuck a rat.


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