The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 14

Neth 24rd, 4707

The party starts at Portia’s where they talk over a few things.  Portia helps to make Triana at home.  Vidar takes a bath and then has a conversation with Tommy.  Tommy allows Vidar to join his “Crew” and then moves to “patrol” the house.  Vidar then gives Tommy a mission to find out who wants who dead the most in Midland.

Straxus makes his way to Orisini Academy to speak with Vancarlo.  Once there he is met by a student who guards himself against the demon threat.  Straxus hands over his badge and a few less than pleasantries.  The student fetches Vancarlo.  He comes back with Vancarlo.  Straxus and Vancarlo go to a sitting room to speak of the developments with Trinia.  Straxus advises that they should make their way to the Amor residence.  They make their way to the carriage that Vancarlo owns and he hitches it himself talking of how he is capable despite his lofty position.  

Straxus and Vancarlo make their way to the Amor residence and meet with Vidar.  They exchange orders with Vidar about moving Trinia to Orsini Academy.  Vidar gathers her and Straxus speaks to Portia.  Then he goes off to check on Tommy.  He finds that Tommy is not in his bed but after speaking to Jeevs that Tommy is infact gone.  Straxus makes his way to Vidar.  The group meets up to say goodbyes.  Straxus speaks with Vidar and finds that Tommy was given a mission and is out in the streets.  Straxus requests that he leave the guard detail to search for Tommy.  Vidar allows him to do so as he prepares to make his way to the academy.  Vidar, Vancarlo, and Trinia make their way to the carriage.  Vidar requests that Trinia play the part of a wife and Vancarlo a driver for the carriage for a midnight ride.  

Straxus leaves off to track tommy down.  After some tracking and keen perception finds tommy at the docks surrounded by other urchins.  Straxus sneaks up and plays at being a pedophile.  Then chastises Tommy on his actions.  They make their way back to find that Portia was non the wiser and actually asleep.  Straxus coaxes tommy to bed and then makes his way to the Orisini Academy.  Straxus then makes his way to the Citadel to report to Croft.  He wakes her to report and she reinstates him to the Midnight Watch.  She falls asleep and Straxus works to organize her office while she sleeps.  

Neth 25th, 4707

The day begins at the Amor residence as most of the party gathers around for breakfast.  Vidar remains at the Academy.  Straxus and Portia make their way to the Citadel while Volka returns to Eel’s End.  Portia confronts Straxus about Tommy's behavior.  He lies his ass off and convinces her that it must be a young boy becoming a young man kinda thing and asks that Portia advise Anders to speak with him about at length.

As Vidar makes his way to the Citadel and meets up with Volka, they have a pleasant exchange before Vidar makes his way to the Citadel.  

The party meets at Cressida’s office to meet with Thousand Bones.  He knows that Gaegan’s Body, a young boy of Shoanti descent was murdered and then his corpse was then taken and sold to a necromancer known to both the Shoanti and the City as a criminal.  Thousand Bones offers either the body be retrieved from Roth (Necromancer) or war will take place between the Shoanti and Korvosans.  Rolth was a failed academy student.  Kicked out for his experiments.  He butchered vagrants and animals to create a golem from the body parts.  Charges weren't placed to keep it quiet.  She thinks many other murders can be attributed to him.  They think he is in the Dead Warrens a location somewhere in the Gray.  Also known as the only surviving son of Gaedrin.  Attempt to take him in, but defend ourselves if needed.  

Rolth Lamm – Necromancer – Son of Gaedrin Lamm

Task: Apprehend or Kill Rolth Lamm
    If apprehended he will be publicly executed to send a message.  

Dead Warrens are located in potters warren, or the court of a thousand bones.  
The man who sold the body is in custody.  

Elkaris – man who sold the body

Straxus suggests that missives be sent out for Volka and Theo for help.  Straxus and Portia make their way to Rossy while Vidar remains behind.  He asks about the Assassin that was captured only to find out that Cressida had no idea about the capture.  It was in fact a person captured by the queen's new guard.  Vidar expresses that things seem very suspect.  She also explains that the peace talks between the Shoanti had been going well until the death of the boy.  


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