The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 12

Neth 24rd, 4707

The party begins at the gates of the Citadel.  Straxus relays his conversation with Vancarlo.  (See Forum RP)   Vidar hangs back as they make their way to the address given by cressida.  He asks of Portia’s spells.  Portia explains her skills and asks of his.  As they make their way to Moon street the riots are in full swing with obvious supporters of the king to one side, and to the other the queen's supporters.

Conflict is making the creatures of Korvosa agitated!!!

The party makes their way to the address and that there are many ladders and fire escapes to make their way to the top.  Straxus makes his way to the top of the building and then the party realize that nobody knows what Triana looks like.  Vidar offers to go out to search for info on how she looks.  The first group he encounters seem to have no idea on who they are lynching either.

Portia and Volka seek her on the ground floor with no avail.  Portia makes her way up to the top to ask and they are just as unhelpful.  Straxus then yells out that he will pay 100 gold crowns to the one who gives up Trinia.

Straxus dodges past the crowd with an amazing feat of acrobatics, then running to a jump he tries to make his way to the rooftop but fails to grab hold.  Volka continues up the ladder, Portia is detained by the crowd and Vidar attempts to head her off at the pass.  As Straxus attempts to make his way up to the roof he gives chase.  An old woman jumps out from her door to yell at straxus but he roars her down and continues his chase.  Portia attempts to calm the crowd while Volka finally makes her way to the top.  Portia finally talks the girl down just before Straxus drew his bow to break her knees.  The party decides to follow the shingles back to Portia’s house, while they ask portia through the msg spell if Straxus can in fact open a portal to hell.  Straxus goes from grumpy to pissed.

To clear the way straxus convinces a large crowd that the king killer is in eel’s end.  However he is unable to bluff his way out of the mob.  So he takes them for a tour of Korvosa before dumping them outside the city.  Making his way back to Korvosa he advises them to lock the gates.  He makes his way to Volshyenek to advise Cressida they have the child.  Cressida states he is to take Sean to Amor’s for truth magic.  And then to gather Vencarlo.  They make their way to Amor’s house.

Vidar and Portia speak with the child and after a few exchanges come to find the child has an alibi.  

Volka makes her way to Eel’s End to assess damage and find that not much happened.

Sean makes his way to Amor and then Vidar and Sean cast the zone of truth.  They ask their questions again.  Trinia says that she did not kill the king in the zone of truth and that she did not know who did.  She states that she was last in the castle a week prior to the king's death.  She denies knowing if she left anything in the castle.  She denies that she took anything not related to painting.  She denies using any tools not her own.  She acknowledges leaving her items unattended.  She agrees that she built a good report with the king.  She denies having one with the queen.  She denies interacting with the queen’s guard.  She states she was escorted by the guards in and out of the castle.  She spent a few hours painting her commission over a couple of days.  She states that the Senechal commissioned the painting for the king to make him feel better.  The Chamberlain brought him his meals daily.  She does not know his name.  The king looked to be wasting away.  She never noticed that he was forced to eat.  They never shared drink.  There are signs to disease or poison but not enough to be conclusive.  


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