The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 11

Neth 24rd, 4707

Straxus spends the evening running his training route.  Once finished he resigns himself to return to the Citadel to try and find some work to do.  He moves to do latrine work but is  stopped by a fellow guard due to his leave of absence.  He tries to talk them out of it but is turned down.  He resigns himself to the stables where he continues to work in silence when not observed.  

The Story moves to Volka who checks in and wishes well her brother Harsk before returning to life's underbelly.  Then volka makes her way back to Eel’s End.  Many ships have docked but Eel’s End is gone.  Roose explains that moral is down and the biggest ship is gone.  Roose explains that he thinks people will need convinced that things are fine.  Roose expresses concern for Volka’s friends.  She moves to make Roose a voice for her.  The man offers that someone should “Beat the Streets” to get the word around about Eel’s End.  She then leaves to go to the Golden Tiger.  
Roose offers to pay a few “Brats” to spread a good word on the streets. 

Returning to Straxus he meets with Vancarlo who advises that Cressida is seeking the party.  They chat about Grawl being one of his students.  Vancarlo thanks him for helping the man.  Straxus advises the horse needs reshod and then makes his way to Cressida.  Once there he makes his way in the office to meet Jay’s new character.  The man is well equipped with weapons and armor.  Tall and well built and bearded.  Obviously from the North.  Straxus and Vidar make 

Belle – Vancarlo’s Horse
Sgt. Vidar Orinsson – Jay’s New Character

their way to the Amor Residence to find that Volka is at Eel’s End and Portia is indisposed.  Vidar and Straxus make their way to Eel’s End to gather Volka.  They look and ask about for Volka finding that she is at the Golden Tiger.  Straxus gathers her and then they make their way to the Citadel.  Straxus makes a point not to speak to Volka but Vidar and Volka carry on a “Conversation”.  Then Volka and Straxus talk of what Straxus thinks about Volka’s decisions.  Straxus agree’s to become easier to deal with but explains to Volka what he thinks of the decision and what he thinks should happen.  Then they all agree to make their way to the Citadel.

As they continue to the Citadel the party finds a group of people quarrelling.  As they are the ground is beginning crack and shake slightly.  The ground explodes and the smell of sewers fills the air.  An Otyugh comes from the ground and Combat ensues.  Straxus yells at the people to run while they fight.  Combat finishes with only one civilian death.  They move the monster's corpse back into the hole and then agree to take the body of the man that died to the church of Pharasma.  Vidar cords off the area with some rope from his pack before leaving.  The party makes their way to the Citadel first.  Portia and Vidar speak of his background.  They find that Vidar comes from the land of the Linnorm Kings.  His tribe's chief died and he was there for the “?coronation?” of the new king.  

August 18th – Dave no roll dice

The party returns to the citadel.  They report that an Otyugh attacked.  Cressida announces that the king's killer was named.  Queen Ileosa announced the king's killer. The Queen is not satisfied with how the guard has handled the riots.  The Queen may be planning to disband the Sable Company.  Cressida warns of mob justice, and hellknights.  The job is to get Trinia and return her to the Citadel without getting her killed.  

Trinia – announced as the murderer of the king – Artist who painted for the king

Vidar offers that there is an escape route known as the shingles of the roofs.  He says that the group should approach the woman’s house while Strax watches the rooftops.  Vidar leaves to go to the guard’s healers at the infirmary and Straxus makes his way to the quartermaster for two quivers of arrows.  

Sean – The Cleric – Infirmary at the Citadel
Derick the Cleric – does more involved things

Vidar makes his way to the infirmary to meet Sean the Cleric.  The Cleric offers two uses of Cure Moderate Wounds.  Healing him for 23hp.  He receives a consolation pickle instead of a lollipop.  Vidar is sad.  

Portia and Volka leave the citadel and meet up with Romano in street cloths.  He states that he is under cover.  The two guards have a conversation about being undercover..

Polly – the Guard – kinda a dunce

Portia speaks to Polly about how to look less professional to be more effective. Polly asks if he can go back to the Citadel to change into his normal clothes and gets the permission.  Raymono uses a lot of words he barely understands and convinces Polly to go change and pretend they are cousins when in fact they are really cousins but don’t admit to it but this time they will.  Raymono trips on his dick for a few seconds as they talk about pretending to be a couple.  Portia slips up and explains that if Anders is divorced or dead she might think about it.  However Raymono seemed to take this serious.

Volka goes to Harsk’s and she asks how he is.  They have small talk about settling down.  

Straxus meets up with Vidar after speaking to the quartermaster.  The man commits about how Straxus is hellborn and worries about how Asmodeus is grooming Straxus for nefarious things.  Straxus rebukes him and then suggests gathering non-lethal weapons.  The man says that he would speak to Cressida.  


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