The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 10

Neth 23rd, 4707

The game begins with the players in their respective locations.  Straxus is at Portia’s house, Portia still sleeping in the early morn.  Volka remains at Eel’s End and Vael in her cell. 

The Game starts true with Volka at Eel’s End.  She did spend the evening before pouring over the Barvasi’s effects.  Volka begins to look about the ship and finds a chest.  Breaking it open he finds a great deal of items as well as some letters to Ampri from a prostitute.

Verania Tvastiox- Ampri’s Whore

The letters from Verania include very lude writings about subjects of a sexual nature. Then Volka moves to the throne and goes to sleep.  She wakes and reminds her crew that everything is to remain as before there is just a new change in management.  Everything is back to normal, minor damage to the ships closer to Eel’s End.  

We return to the Amor house where Straxus wanders aimlessly.  Vale eats very little of her breakfast offing the rest to Tommy.  Straxus offers to train Tommy if he behaves and then Vale, Portia, and Strax head off to the Citadel.  They stop off at Volka’s brother to the Dragon can relay the message.  They tell him of what took place and then offer to follow him to Eel’s end.  Harsk agrees and the four of them make their way to the Citadel.  

They make their way to the Citadel and there they meet Rossy.  They make their way to Vael’s cell and Straxus talks Rossy into letting Vale and Portia into the cell.  Vale runs in instantly hugging her mom.  Vael takes a second to glare at Straxus and Portia, then focus on Vale.  They begin to talk as Vael tries to calm Vale.  Vael asks Vale to leave so she can speak with Portia.  

Vael and Portia have a row about the legality of what took place.  It ends poorly as expected with Vael totally convinced of her innocence.  Portia and Straxus goes to see Cressida leaving Vale with Rossy to see the swords and the stables.  Cressida speaks to them about how things are.  At this time it could be “Spun” that Vael may have misinterpreted the situation.  Cressida suggests they gather what evidence they can to present to the court.

As they make there way back they are confronted by Roose, the thug that works for Volka.  He tells them that Volka wishes to speak with them.  Straxus gets very defensive and talks the man off.  Straxus advises that Vale and Portia go back to Amor house.  Straxus remains back to gather Harsk.  

Straxus, Portia, and Harsk make their way to Eel’s End.  There they speak with Volka who has found some damning evidence for Ampri.  She offers it up to gains amnesty for the murder.  She insists that she alone killed the king of spiders.  

Straxus moves to leave and Portia comes along with her.  Majenco advises them to stay that he will fetch the Field Marshal and possibly Vael.  Stating that the spiders being missing is a bad thing.  He leaves and Portia sends off a goon to fetch Volka.  

As Volka comes out they find that Harsk is ill from poison.  That's when the find that the spiders have swarmed the ship.  Volka, Strax, and Portia work to disband eel’s end and then set fire to the ship.  Cressida shows up with Vael and they agree to absolve Volka of her Crime and release Vael, saying the report will reflect that Vael is innocent and that Volka is absolved of killing the King of Spiders due to her help in gaining the info they needed on the ambassador.  They watch as the boat sinks and then Volka asks Straxus to teach Tommy a new word, Ungeg.  Straxus agrees but cuts her short when she tries to explain herself.  Straxus, sicked by the whole event returns to Portia’s home to gather his pack and then, in the night leaves off towards the forest for his training retreat.

Guards with Benefits
Me and party are able to borrow resources up to 100gp and gather info
If night is spent at citadel all hp dmg is healed
Also includes spells of healing like:
Lesser Restoration
Remove Blindness
Remove Curse CL 5
Remove Disease CL 5
As rank increases perks level up too
Church of Abadar, Pharasma and Sable company are close allies


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