The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 1

Neth 15th, 4707

Weather: Inclement weather
Temperature: High 59 F/ Low 47 F
Wind Speed: 0 mph
Precipitation: 2 hours of Fog

Holiday- Great Fire Remembrance, 13 Neth: Somber and quiet, this holiday shuts down the city. Most people stay at home and, by tradition, no one lights a fire from dawn on the 13th until sunrise on the 14th.

Avoryl:  Brandon (Bard)        Location: South Shore
Bards end in south shore, making his way to midland market
Begins performance in the Midland Market in the fog, working with whips, dances and whip tricks.  Works well and he received 2 sp in tips and a small note

tricorne hat to collect tips

NOTE: (Kept secret)

Works a circuit to Heights, acadamae, Old Korvosa? then to northpoint circus as he looks for an address.  

Interacting with guards he finds the address (Lance St) near statue of lady, In Midland right before Citadel Volshyenek in the docks area to meet somebody.  Guard warns the area is dangerous.  Offers that main market is a good place to work.
Makes his way there and sees it not a very nice place.  

Gold Market – Largest market in the area.  Avoryl performs there and scores a 19 dance check earning him 6 sp.

Straxus: David (Ranger)        Location: Heights, Temple of Saenrea
    Straxus finishes his training and then makes his way to Gold Market there he hears from Erica the bead vendor that there is new info about Vael’s daughter.  He rushes to the Bookmaker to get what he can from Vael.  Then quickly makes his way to the area where Valentine was seen there he finds a Lamb and pays 3 silver shields for info on the child.  He finds that she is running with the Lambs and that while alive is hurt.  
    Strax goes to Vael and decides to take her to lunch where he explains Lamm and what is going on.  He explains the danger of running with the lambs and how inevitably most end up dead.  They decide to take the directions on the note to meet up at the address together.

Toshiro: Dylan (Fighter)        Location: Old Korvosa, Old Dock, Sticky Mermaid
    Day starts with Drinking!!! He continues his day as he does every day.  Between drinks he works as a bouncer at the sticky mermaid.  Gets in a small tussle with a patron and then after backing the man down he takes a seat and finds a message to himself.  Then he yells back stating that he is leaving.  

Bitchy maid:  Stacey

Vael: Jay (Magus)        Location: Midland, Pillar Hill
    Day starts by waking up!!!  Waters plants, feeds cat, and breakfast.  Also does contract work for Bookmaker (A book binder and store she works at).  On her way to work she keeps an eye out for her missing daughter.  Asking a few people as she walks giving description.  Still sadden at the lack of info about her lost daughter.  While in Gold Market a vendor waves her down.  Vendor says that her mother saw a little girl matching Valentine's description in North Midland.  Vendor tells her that the mother saw a girl matching the description with a caveat.  
The Girl looks pretty rough and is currently running with a group of young cut purses.  Calling them specifically Lambs.  Is explained that Lamm is a dealer/ small time criminal that uses children to do his deeds.  And offers to pay a silver shield to the woman
    Vael spends almost an hour searching in the area where the child was seen.  With a diplomacy of (4) she turns up very little. She then finds a strange note leading her to a meeting place.  She proceeds on to work and works very distractedly.

    Daughter has long silver hair, bright blue eyes, was wearing a pretty yellow dress, and missing a few baby teeth.

Vendor:  Erica

Portia: Sean  (Sorcerer)                Location: Midland, Pillar Hill (1234 name st)
    Portia starts her day with breakfast!!!  Has a servant to fix breakfast.  Continues to live as if rich despite waning finances.  Husband was framed for murder and while absolved the damage to their business had been done.  Goal is to vindicate him.  During day she is out and about.  Returns home every night.  Decides to meet with guards to get husband acquitted.  She goes to Citadel Volshyenek.   Without an appointment she is held at the gate by a guard looking for an appointment of some sort.  Guard allows her to come in after some convincing to see a man about her case.  “Goon”

    She meets with the man to file a motion to expedite her husband's case.  Man takes information on the case and states it was only a few months ago when her husband was accused.  Her husband was falsely accused of murder.  She thanks him and then she listens to his story of the “Good ole days”  Man speaks of the organized criminals here in Korvosa and reiterates that the Lambs are pickpockets and work for Lamm.

    After checking the form gotten from officer Rossi Portia finds a note there.  Then she goes to get bruch

    We move back to Portia who walks in to see her husband working a deal for partnership.  She works to play the perfect wife during this time playing good host while doing her best not to interfere however continue to guide the meeting in a positive manner.  Partener has reservations because of her husband's past.  Complains of the risk due to his lack of wealth.  Portia works to help by calming his doubts about the deal.  The partner asks for a couple of days to think on it.  Man comes off his reservations and offers them a cut off another deal the partner is working on.  The man agrees to the deal and things begin to work in a positive direction.
    Husband tries to take Portia to dinner and she has to turn them down to make the meeting at Lancet st.  She wears the Dark but nice cloths for the meeting.

Butler: Reginald (Fake accent required for employment)
Maid: Lucieal
Goon: Rossy (Paper pusher at the Citadel)
Business partner: Costanzo

3 Lancet St
Portia is the first to make her way to the house.  There she finds a few tapestries, many carpets, a table laid with food, name cards, and a basket.  Toshiro bursts in the door and notices that Lamm is in fact not here.  Toshiro offers Portia a drink and asks why Portia is here.  They talk of what Toshiro is, mercenary and a drunk.  Straxus and Vael come in next and they begin to speak of their reasons to be here.  Toshiro looks for work as a merc with Portia.  Strax remembers portia’s issue.

Card with man of fire and woman in water: the marriage, about union of person or ideas
Card with a bug playing cards: The Cricket: Speed and quick passage
Card with a Bird man looking over some sort of deal: The Crows: Lost Love one
A dragon: The Peacock: Sudden personal shift, Someone going in a different             direction

Woman walks in much older and smiles.  She thanks the party for being here and Toshiro cracks a joke.  She explains that she hates Gaedren and seeks to help the party to get back at him.  She explains that he once stole a harrow deck from her.  Her son Aaron tracked them down to get the deck, Gaedren had him killed for stealing from him.  She tried to get the guard to help but they ignored and then she used the cards to track the party as well as where Gaedren is.  West Pier 17.  There he trains his pickpockets.  

The party agrees to sit in on a harrowing to be administered by Zellara Esmeranda, the woman seeking justice from Lamm.   Strax denies out right murder of Lamm and demands that Gaedren be brought to justice.  Strax requests the party help him help the orphans.  

The Choosing
Straxus :      The Crow: Loss of a loved one or item
Toshiro:       Rabbit prince: Card about Combat and whimsy, violently
Portia:         The Locksmith:  Having keys to a new destiny
Vael:        The Peacock:  Sudden personal shift, Someone going in a different direction
Avoryl:        The Dance:  Staying in harmony but dangerous

The Spread
9 cards are placed on the table

The Past Someone among us became free, with a driving urge to make something come true.  It very well may come true.  The new freedom will replace with a  new shackle
The LockSmith:    
The Theater:    
The Big Sky:    

The Present
The Publican:     friendship and comradery
The Courtesan:     secret or person in political position 
The Crows:     loss here person might help to find what is lost.

The Future Someone in our future that has a cleverness that feigns idiocy.  This person is gonna put us in a confusing situation that we can still force our way through
The Idiot:    
The Juggler:    
The Bear:    

New harrow Points
Straxus        0
Toshiro        0 (Dead)
Vael        3
Portia        2
Avoryl          3
Volka        0

Dexterity Rerolls, dodge bonus, and speed increase, works like a hero point granting a free reroll to init, ranged attack, reflex saves, or dex based skills

Dodge grants +1 dodge bonus for encounter up to +3

Speed: Spend one point to grant +10ft base speed for encounter
The party agrees to separate for an hour, Straxus and Toshiro make their way to the temple to seek out Theo for assistance.  Portia and Vael make their way to their homes.  Vael feeds her cat pineapple and water her plants.  

Straxus moves his way up to check for scouts then calls the party in.  He takes his place at the second door while Toshiro attempts the double door.  Seeing it locked Toshiro breaks down the door.  Revealing dogs somewhere in the building.  The party makes their way into the building only to find they are distracted on both sides.  Combat ensues as enemies begin to appear all around from behind closed doors.  Toshiro moves deeper into an office like room where one of the enemies is hurling a wands magic at the party, unknown to the party however Toshiro died by a miscalculation with his own blade..  Meanwhile the rest of the party, including Straxus, continue the fight in the main room where they have lifted a table to act as cover.  Portia in a stroke of pure genius casts a well placed grease spell on the floor beneath the archer of the thugs and a gnome that had been combating Vael chose to make a tactical retreat only to find himself also stuck in the slippery area.  The rest of combat was a series of both the thugs and the party, (Straxus) falling and rising.  Toward the end a little girl was seen at the end of the hallway to a room that joined with the room the party currently fought in, Vael recognized Valentine immediately and disengaged from combat to gather her up.  We left off with Portia very strongly suggesting that the archer Thug give up or she will run his throat through with Vael’s blade. “I may not know how to use this but I'm not afraid to lean into it” (Portia)


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