The Ruinlords Present Curse of the Crimson Throne

A Fated Meeting

Together and Harrowed

Neth 15, 4707

The cool, wet air from the River Jeggare combined with the still warm earth and city cobblestones to create a fog the crept through the roads and alleyways like a silent hunter. It absorbed sound and light alike causing the usually bustling city to sound muted and quiet. Still, the Korvosan population was slave to routine and the day would not delay until the sun's like melted the gloom away.

Straxus Highbridge, Toshiro, Kwog, Avoryl Darkstar, and Punches-Idiots are unaware that fate will pull them together and thusly start their day as they normally would; none considering what any of the others might be up to.

One by one, each comes across a note that beckons them to 3 Lancet Street at sunset. A small unassuming house near the dock in Midland. Toshiro finds it first, well before the aforementeioned time, so the sellsword makes himself at home on the bed and soon falls prey to its comfort and sleep.

Punches-Idiots and Avoryl find it next – the two becoming acquainted over the note and a timely arrival. They are uncertain of what to make up the strange man in the cottages only bed but wisely choose to let him sleep as they sit to take advantage of the free offering of wine and food while they wait.

Kwog arrives next and his knock stirs the tengu and the 4 make introductions, awkward and cautious at  first but Kwog and Toshiro are previously acquainted and fall back into a friendly cadence. Straxus enters shortly after observing this odd accumulation of Korvosans on behalf of his friend Theo, whom was the original recipient of the note.

In the room's single chamber, they gather around the table to discuss and see harrow cards for each of them at the table's five seats and thus the tone was set for soon, Zellara Esmeranda entered and she had a tale for the future heroes.

In her tale she described the cruelty of Gaedren Lamm, something that each guest well knew and hated. Just as each of them has lost something to Lamm, she described the tragic loss of her son and her quest for justice. This prompted a discussion on who would have the honor of taking Lamm's life and there was much to compromise around the point. 

Eager to set about this rare chance to strike at Lamm, Zellara first offered to harrow, to divine through the cards, their future. The cards told a grim tale but  grim tale with it's own promises of greater success.

In the end, nothing will shake their resolve.


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